Love Language Japanese

Has anyone played this game “Love Language Japanese”? It looks like a cute idea, but I have no idea how much Japanese I need to know before playing it or if it’s worthwhile.



Well, this certainly appears to be a high-grade Japanese-learning resource…


It looks like it’s fairly basic, so I don’t think you’d need any great Japanese ability going in. Is it worthwhile? Ehhhh.
But I think a lot us had a wide variety of questionalr sources we learned from when starting, so… if you’re interested, why not?


That brunette in the back is giving me serious back and shoulder pain.


It’s nice to see visual novel writers at least trying to integrate Japanese learning features more.

From the screenshots, I’m guessing that it’s pretty basic and assumes no prior knowledge. The thing I’d be most curious about is if it attempts to teach kana at all.

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These kinds of games are just huge memes tbh

I can’t open the link, because “Love Language Japanese isn’t available for purchase in your country”.
That’s hilarious, actually.


I clicked expecting to find a copy of this book in Japanese.


me too…so disappointed

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I confess I was expecting a “hello” thread from someone whose first language isn’t English. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was going to say extremely classy way to learn, but “high-grade” nailed it! :laughing:

If it drops in price I may try it out, because I have simple expectations. I just want to date cute girls and impress them with my Level 3 Kanji knowledge.


Honestly was expecting a thread on sexual Japanese vocabulary lol


Thats why VPN’s are great. :smile:

I tried it out and made a quick video of how the lessons and quizzes work:

The content is okay for raw beginners, It does teach you kana. The quizzes are simplistic (multiple choice, true/false) and buggy. The best part is probably the teacher’s explanation text; they do give you a little bit of useful background information on the language, with a focus for how it gets used in manga.


Hey if this an interest for anybody, it’s well known within the secret societies of the internet that obscure random sets of 5 and 6 digit numbers are well versed in this type of vocabulary and I know personally how well it’s able to culture an individual.

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Yes, I will be trying this for science.

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