Looking for Legal / Business Vocabulary

Hi! I’m looking for a basic list of vocabulary that would be useful for talking about day-to-day life in a law office. For example, how to say things like “Today I reviewed a bunch of documents” or “I drafted a merger agreement.” We have to talk a lot about what we do generally in my Japanese class and our textbook (Genki) doesn’t have great vocabulary for people who aren’t in college or high school.

A lot of business Japanese resources seem really geared to helping people with keigo etc. etc. I am looking for something a lot simpler, even just a list of useful words.

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BJT prep material would have a lot of this context but more for N2-N1 crowd. Japanese for Busy People series has alot of business conversation + just general that falls more N5-4…the audio and content is solid but be prepared for a lot of kana in their effort the ‘speed up’ the learner but most find reading kana only slows them down, otherwise you may find the vocab list useful, there are anki decks out there. Otherwise finding what you need for vocab/grammar may just get straight to the point for what you need, especially for a specific focus such as law office content. There are a fair number of law dramas for sentence mining for ideas as well, can’t think of the names off hand though.


I think it would be a little harder to come by, because if you’re interested in business Japanese resources, there is an expectation of a higher proficiency level in general.

Would you be able to handle the kanji in the more advanced terms?

Found these with some terms:

The keyword to look for is ビジネス用語.

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I like the resource, vocab is mostly katakana which is convenient and the reference note and example sentences are solid…made a quick deck in kitsun.io for anyone interested here

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Thank you for the suggestions, everyone. I will check them out.


I forgot to add, you can also filter search via #words #law on Jisho or a number of other dictionaries, it will give you ideas on word lists. A native teacher with strong English skills could just get straight to the point on smoothing out what exactly you want to say.

I found this one at Kinokuniya a few years ago:

Basically a dictionary of business terms and expressions, with example sentences in English, Chinese, and Korean. Probably best for intermediate to advanced students.

This one is more basic, with a strong focus on kanji and business-oriented reading:

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