Looking for Japanese Immersion Material!


I’m dahliyah, a combination of dahlia (my favorite flower) and yah (a word I say too often). I’m a false beginner and am picking up Japanese after a long hiatus.

I’m weak in thinking in Japanese, so I’m trying to cut out English in my studies. I would love some good native listening material (mystery/detective or romcom J-drama would be great) and sites were I can talk to natives, especially over voice. I would also love recommendations for games I can play in Japanese (New 3DS or older/Steam) !(*ノ∀`*)ノAny other fun material/method not mentioned here can be recommended~

Kanji : N3 | Vocab : N4 | Grammar : N4

Thank you in advance!


Have you checked the Ultimate Resource list? :slight_smile:

I personally recommend:

  • WaniKani for Kanji
  • HiNative to get your sentences corrected/translated by natives
  • HelloTalk to find natives to exchange language with
  • Bunpro for grammar

Thank you for your reply! I’ll check out HiNative and HelloTalk.

I’ve seen extensive lists such as the one you linked, but I’m not interested in more textbooks or learning materials. (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑) I’d like to engage with materials such as I’d naturally engage with English or Cantonese material.

Check out NHK Easy then. It’s just news written in rather simple Japanese, not just for foreigners but also Japanese elementary school students.

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I’ve tried NHK Easy, but I unfortunately didn’t find it interesting or informative enough to continue using.

Just started getting into J-dramas myself, and I reaaaaally really enjoyed 素敵な選TAXI (available on Crunchyroll). It’s about a “time taxi” that can take people back to critical turning points in their lives to try to re-do them and make different choices when things go wrong

MC is so likable and quirky/funny as well as the supporting characters, and lots of touching moments throughout too :’)

Also, I thought it was really clever how they named the show because 選TAXI (せんタクシー) has a shared reading with 選択肢 (せんたくし) which is the major premise of the show (important choices/alternatives)! I was so proud when I realized that :laughing:

Let me know if you give it a try, highly recommend :slight_smile:


I watch a lot of dramas on Crunchyroll, and this was one of my favorites. Pretty funny, and interesting at the same time.

Some of my other favorites were HERO and 五つ星ツーリスト。

To the OP:

  1. Reading Amazon.co.jp user reviews is fun and interesting. You know you’re getting real Japanese there! Just find a Japanese movie or band you like, start reading the reviews until you find a reviewer you like, then click on their other reviews and enter the rabbit hole…

  2. Check out some podcasts. I like Bilingual News, NHK Radio News, and ひいきびいき。

  3. Crunchyroll!


Pokemon game, in all ひらがな/カタカナ mode.

Don’t even bother Kanji. Try to improve your vocab and grammar first. There were tons of puns to improve vocab.

I’ve been enjoying watching Galileo on Crunchyroll. It’s a detective/cop drama.

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