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Hi all,

I’m finally at a point in my new job where I think I can make some more space in my day for learning Japanese beyond doing the very basics of reviews + a few lessons on WaniKani.

What I’d like to do now is find opportunities throughout the work day (office job, for context) where I can be listening to beginner Japanese speech/reading beginner/intermediate Japanese text, whether that’s a manga, a children’s newspaper, et cetera. I want to take small chunks of my day and immerse myself, and see how that goes.

Any recommended resources or approaches?


2 Likes I’ve been using this to guide my immersion.


I just glanced at this but it looks pretty interesting so will dive in once I’m at home.

Thanks for the reference!

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Adam’s JALUP is for me one of the best references, so I’ll second it.
Sadly, while it’s a really great guide, it feels a bit outdated and I’ve always thought it lacks more specific advice on how to go over any of the steps he proposes.

Even so I’m pleasantly surprised to revisit the blog every now and then to find some cool resource or recommendation that wasn’t under my radar or were above my pay grade so to speak in regard to my japanese skills and then suddenly months later is the best tip I’ve heard. :sweat_smile:


One of the breakthroughs I had was something I learned from the AJATT community, which is to immerse with materials intended for natives even if you can’t understand that much. You will gradually understand more and more. You don’t need to listen to beginner’s Japanese speech - you can watch Netflix Japanese shows and other stuff all in Japanese (no English subtitles). Not only is it much more entertaining, but you’ll probably learn faster.

I’d recommend the Matt vs. Japan YouTube channel for learning about Japanese immersion.

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Definitely. I’ve been listening to about 2-4 hours of Japanese media daily, even if I don’t understand everything.


I’ll check that out. Thanks!

I get at least an hour on weekdays and several hours of Japanese TV on weekends. I understand some things better than others.

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