Looking for a "weird Vocab" Explanation Resource


im looking for a resource (book, website etc. doesnt matter) where i can look up explanations for those weird Jukugo words like for example 丁度 why is street+degree=exactly?

At least i hope there is some logic to those “weird vocabs” :sweat_smile: and i dont have to “just memorise it”

As im probably going to encounter a lot of these during WK i really would like a resource for that so that i dont have to ask for each individual word.

Usually Jisho is good enough for me. You can see here that it has an outdated usage. It was previously written in a way that made more sense. Not sure what happened that changed it, but that’s not as important, imo. Could just be that they chose 丁 because it was a simple kanji with the same reading.




It doesn’t. 丁度 is an example of ateji. The 丁 is just being used for the reading not it’s meaning.

Wiktionary can be used if you want to see if it has such information about usage and etymology.


I’m sorry to tell you…


Thanks for the answers! While i use jisho on a regular basis i didnt think of looking at the Other forms for clues. I didnt think of Wiktionary either. I hope this will at least solve some confusion in the future. Usually i dont have a too hard time “just memorising” Words like this, but knowing the reason makes things easier ofc. :slightly_smiling_face:


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