Common jukugo words not in WK?

I wonder if anyone has compiled a list somewhere of common jukugo words that are not in WK vocabulary? The thought came to me as I was reading something and I encountered 十分 for the first time. I knew the reading and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what the sentence was saying (“what’s split into 10 parts??”) until I gave in, looked it up in a dictionary and found it means “enough” - which seems like a very useful word to know, and I was wondering if there are some others (on an Anki deck or wherever) that I could systematically review to complement the vocab taught here, beyond regular 2k/6k/10k/whatever anki decks?

I believe there is a deck for ‘lost levels’ in WK in anki.

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Some solutions to try includes Torii. Just search the forum. It has a feature to filter out Wanikani levels.

Otherwise, – just get vocabulary lists from books you want to study.

I could have sworn 十分 was included at one point, but caused confusion due to the system not allowing both じゅっぷん (ten minutes) and じゅうぶん (enough).

But perhaps I’m conflating that with some other word that has multiple readings with incompatible meanings.

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