Long vowel kanji readings

Hi, just wanted to clarify something. For kanji like 令 (れい) and 洋 (よう) are the readings rē and yō or re-i and yo-u? I’ve been reading it as rē and yō, but the mnemonics use the words “ray” and “yogurt”. Is this purely for the mnemonic or are you supposed to read it as “ray”?


Rē and yō.

Koichi picks words for mnemonics that are at best near approximates for the vowel sounds in question. Like using Charlie Sheen to represent し.

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I say it as ray and yō so now I’m a bit confused. However, if you have a JapanesePod101 account, there’s a series of videos on pronunciation.

You’re supposed to use those words to jog your memory, not as a pronunciation aid.

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In real life you will hear れい variably between “rey” and “reh” (And this is why we invented IPA).

あえ is the one that fucks me up all the time, I hear 考え and think someone is saying 感慨


Agreed, exact reason we invented IPA. So you can go get some drinks after pronouncing stuff wrong to make you feel better…:upside_down_face:


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