Loading data popup

I’m trying out some userscripts (Dashboard progress plus and Advanced Context), both work great except for this annoying popup that appears every time I load the page.


Is there a reason this? It seems to me that whatever data is loaded should be loaded once then cached somewhere, but barring that I’d be happy if I could hide the popup and have the loading be done silently in the background.

Here’s my tampermonkey load order if that’s helpful. No console errors to report.

Any ideas?

That is WKOF loading (and subsequently caching) your progress


That’s how you know the script is working :stuck_out_tongue:

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It loads everytime because it has no way to know if data changed. If it cached, then you did reviews, the cache would be invalid.
But, it does load the data once, then each script uses that data, instead of each script loading it’s own data object.


I see, thank you everyone. As a workaround I blocked the popup with ublock origin, that seems to have removed the annoyance while still allowing the script to function properly.


I designed the popup to only show up if it takes longer than 1 second to load. If you’re seeing it every time, I’m guessing you’re either on a mobile device, you’re in a far corner of the internet, or you have cache disabled or erased at logoff. Since your snapshot shows about 80% progress, I’m guessing it’s actually loading the Subjects data, which means you may have cache disabled or erased at logoff, so it has to load the data every time.