Little nit-pick: You know that 主義 is "-ism."

When doing new lessons, the word for optimism came up with “You know that 主義 is “-ism.”” as the starting point for helping you remember the meaning. Which would be fine normally, but 主義 hadn’t come up in my lessons yet, I had 楽天主義 first. So it felt a bit silly to me to read “oh, you already know this part, so this is easy” when I’m sitting here like, “I have no idea what anything is” xD

I get why you have it there in the meaning explanation, and I’m not sure what you’d do to fix it, unless you ultra forced 主義 to always show up before 楽天主義 in lessons, even if random. I just wanted to point it out since I thought it was funny xD

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Ah, I just hit the same thing a couple days ago, but assumed I’d somehow tweaked the natural order of things too much with the reorder script or something.

It happened to me the other day, but with another vocab. I think it wasn’t the reorder script that made it happen, since I believe that the order of your vocab lessons appear based on the last Kanji that you guru’d.

So yeah, I suppose this could be fixed by the team :slight_smile: Small detail though.

Oh dear. Thanks for the warning!

Whoops, that’s our bad. I’m going to move 楽天主義 and 保守主義 to level 23 when we do maintenance so this doesn’t happen again.



yee read it correctly woo

This has happened with a few words so far. I actually find it makes the word easier to remember. When I see that, I think, “What? I haven’t learned 主義 yet. What is this talking about. God this is gonna be hard now.” Then just that extra bit of thinking cements the word in my mind.

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