Listening to vocab?

Hi ! I’d like to learn more vocab and I was thinking of listening to some vocab lessons as background noise while commuting or doing boring parts of my job from time to time. I can’t do full listening practice in these conditions, ideally I’d like something that just lists words or phrases and how to say them in japanese. Like a duolingo lesson but without interactivity. I’m well aware that I won’t recall much that way, but some bits ought to stick if I keep it as background noise long enough. Do you know of resources that would provide that ? French would be a bonus but my english is well enough :slight_smile:

There are quite a few options if you have access to you tube. One channel claims that you can learn Japanese in your sleep. It plays the same vocab with English translation on a loop for 8 hours.
Learn Japanese While You Sleep :sleeping: Daily Life In Japanese :zzz: Japanese Conversation (8 Hours)
Slow & Easy Japanese Conversation Practice
1400 Japanese Vocab & Phrase | 3 hr Audiobook (Basic~Intermediate

You could try podcasts. Some are aimed at learners and will have a vocab list as well. Also you could do listening excersises from Minna no Nihongo. They have free apps to accompany the first 2 textbooks. Not exactly what you are looking for, but good listening practice, and you’ll be bound to, if not learn new words, strenghten your knowledge on those you already know.

There is a podcast on Spotify, recently recommended. That one is pretty fun to listen to: Smalltalk in Japanese

If you just want audio of vocab, and feel like putting in some work, you could always piece together clips from Forvo, and your open recording. Make a bunch of clips of Japanese and English (or whatever) back to back, make a big playlist, and randomize. Something I’ve thought of doing, but never actually did.

Thanks, I’ll look into those :slight_smile:

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