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First time posting, long time lurking. I love the forum, I love wanikani, I think it’s such a genius system, I’m truly in love with the whole thing!
Anyway, the reason why I’m finally posting something. I’m doing wanikani, kaniwani, bunpro and (occasionally) Lingodeer. It’s all going great, but I don’t know if I’d be able to recognize the different vocabulary just by listening, without the help of the kanji to indicate the meaning. Would you guys know if there’s any such resource? That would say the words out loud and I’d have to write the meaning or the writing in kanji?

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The Anki Core 6k deck has audio cards. It doesn’t force you to write anything, but it’s really good as practice nonetheless

Perfect! ありがとうございます!

What you mention sounds like


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I’ve found the self-study userscript to be wonderful for that issue, since it lets you choose with a great extension what it is that you want to practice.

Some folks will warn you that this is messing with the SRS system, and while it is true, personally i don’t think it’s a big deal… the gist here is that you can for example use it to test yourself all the vocab from your current level using only the audios, and then giving either the meaning or reading.


I believe this address your issue at least for WK words. Regarding listening practice in a more general form, well… Let’s keep an eye on what our beloved community has to say.

This is fantastic! I didn’t know about it. ありがとうございます!

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