Listening practice without practising

Hi everyone!

I’ve been reading through the posts in this section for the first time (and got some great material, thanks guys), but I didn’t spot anything about this.

People have mentioned watching Japanese shows to practice, like Terrace House, or anime, with or without English subtitles. But by practising without practising, I mean not having to set aside a time to study listening and watch something specifically to help with your listening comprehension. People have suggested putting a show or podcast on the background, which is also a way of not having to set aside study time, and obviously, most people will watch the Japanese dramas and anime because they like them and want to anyway, BUT

I wanted to rewatch an english show on netflix (The Good Place), but I also wanted to be practising my listening skills with a Japanese show. And I can’t binge two things at once! So, to watch The Good Place with Japanese dubs (and english subs because this stuff is way advanced) is the perfect solution! I tried to change the dubs straight from the show, but they didn’t seem available. But when I changed my language settings on my account, suddenly a Japanese dub was right there.

I try to read the subtitles really quick when they come up, and see if I can recognise that’s what’s being said (my listening comprehension is really bad ahah), or listening to see if I know before looking down at the subs. Or if I can’t be bothered I just read the subs normally. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of days but I already feel like I can recognise more. Please bear in mind the subs are usually just the subtitles for the english show so there may be some discrepancy. Also this is obviously not beginner material, but I think some of it will sink in anyway.

I think from now on if there’s ANYTHING I want to watch from netflix (my main source of tv entertainment) I’ll be listening to it in Japanese no matter what. So when I watch Blue Planet for the third time I guess I won’t be hearing David Attenborough’s dulcet tones :disappointed:


Yes, right now I am actually doing exactly that with Rick and Morty :laughing:

And I was already watching nature shows in Japanese. Though I haven’t put one on in a while, thanks for the reminder!


Japanese dubs for western shows? What country/ip is your netflix set to?

You can just change the language per user, and you get more Japanese language options for more shows if you set it to Japanese.

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I did as saida said, just change your user language settings :grin:

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Holy s…it… worked… this is awesome…


Just wanted to chip in. Maybe you are already aware of this plugin, and if not:

Among other things. It makes it possible to play two subtitles at the same time. So for many show you can set the audio to Japanese dubs and subtitles to Japanese AND english. You can even chose transliterations in Romanji or Hiragana.

I have noticed thought that sometimes the subs are a bit off from what’s being said. I think it’s because originally they are a translation from the spoken english and not directly from the dubbed Japanese…


I was NOT aware of this plugin! Thank you, 神様かみさま

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