🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

I’ll probably do more listening today of random things, but I started a show called 教祖のムスメ and it is right up my alley. Weirdly dark, female main is kinda insane*, hinting at a larger, darker story. YES. I’m probably going to rewatch at least this first episode though because it has no JP subs available and I missed a line here or there. Normally not an issue but this show is already light on dialogue.

Seriously I love dark, unhinged female leads. Love Exposure, 賭ケグルイ, etc. All about it.


Hello! I’m new to participating in the WaniKani community forums but I really want to improve my Japanese and stumbled upon this listening challenge! I apologize for participating in the challenge so late! I hope there can be a similar challenge for the next season :blush: Anyway, in hopes of keeping myself accountable here is my listening log! I’m still very much a beginner so many of my listening resources will be geared towards that level.

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I’ve decided to just listen to whatever native material I can each day. I listened to a Nihongo con Teppei podcast episode and am considering having anime on in the background, though I’m not sure if the latter would be effective listening practice. Maybe I’ll look into voice actor interviews as well.


I love oat milk lattes! I’m also a beginner and the community has been very welcoming, so don’t be afraid to get involved.


Summary Post

July 27th
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! anime - 3 episodes
How much time did I spend listening?: probably like 12 min not counting the closing song

I’m big stress times today, it was hard to think of anything I would want to listen to or read I didn’t really get to the reading…again. I really thought sitting down and listening regularly was going to be the challenge but it’s definitely not working out that way :sweat_smile: Anyway, I’m glad I chose this, though, because within a minute I was laughing and feeling way less stressed, they’re so adorable :joy: I watched at least one of these before with English subs on, but I kept the subs off this time. Having no subs really made me appreciate the voice acting more, though I didn’t understand good chunks of what was said. I didn’t realize that there were only 3 episodes of this D: I thought there were more for some reason. Oh well.

This one is the cutest, the faces game is too much xD

Also bunny Asmo from ep 3 is killing me, look at how cute ><
Screenshot 2022-07-27 194812

Give him all the carrots :3


I had no idea what was going on most of the time, but that was cute to watch. xD


Jul 28, Thu of Week 5 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is カエルと娘 (:studio_microphone:).

Story impression

New vocabulary – 死に(かた). Longer version – 不思議な死に(かた).

Also thanks someone for telling the vocabulary (あきなう)う (and 大商人(あきんど)) the other day.

Yesterday, I finished reading 1/3 of かがみの孤城 Ch.1, which is equivalent to 1 track of audiobook (20 minutes); nonetheless, I can’t say I really understand the track that well even then. I continued to the second track (which is also Ch.1), regardless.

I watched となりの怪物くん with sub, then 盾の勇者の成り上がり without sub. (Both on Netflix.) Somehow, I can also understand the second series to some extent, enough to consider watching further. However, the last time I stopped watching, is because I wasn’t sure if it would be counter-productive to my learning.

For those three things, I consider learning vocabularies in advance a possibility. Probably there is a vocabulary Sheets in the book club. Also, subtitle scripts probably can be segmented and normalize to dictionary forms, to remove contexts and spoilers.

ひょうたんからコトバ, on NHK for School, might be revisited later.


Welcome! Don’t worry about joining late, it’s no problem. I hope you can find some interesting things to listen to in the thread! I’ve definitely gotten some great ideas from the people who post here.


July 27 :blossom: Home Post

I tried to watch some more Tiger & Bunny but my brain said no actually :joy: so just some more random let’s play stuff! And then I ended up watching bits and pieces of stuff posted here; that cat is so cute :face_holding_back_tears: (and I accidentally watched that whole little obey me scene lmao, very fun)


July 28 :orange_square:

Today I watched three random videos on お盆. I keep seeing お盆 mentioned in books here and there, so I thought I might as well learn something more about it. I just wanted to watch one video, but given how little I understood, I thought one more would maybe fill in the gaps, and then one more. The last one, which was for children, was unsurprisingly the easiest to understand, yet I still have gaps.
Apparently it’s a very bad idea to enter the sea during お盆, but I didn’t catch why. :sweat_smile:

Sounds like something I could hugely enjoy too! I didn’t find a way I could watch it, but that’s okay, as I’d just get frustrated at my current level - there’s no way I’d understand enough to enjoy it properly yet…


:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220728 :loud_sound:


NHK school vid.

This was under the English section, I thought Japanese teaching English might help me with reverse translation. It was going well at the start, I think it did help a bit as they would copy the English in Japanese, but then the I LIKE BACON song started and I think my sanity is waning.
ohno… the bacon song, it never ends, it just keeps going
you think it’s ended, but no, it evolves into a different bacon form: bacon rap, bacon battle…
please, no more bacon, please let it end


I don’t think I’ll go near the English section again.


I just had the exact same thought, at the exact same moment.


20 minutes of the drama “koi wa tsuzuku doko made mo” ie An Incurable Case of Love aka Love Lasts Forever. I have watched it with English subs so knew what was happening but could only understand 5% or so of the Japanese. I hate ambuiguity in my shows so I cannot do it for too long.

Also did 30 minutes of yuyu no nihongo but since yesterday I have felt demotivated to actually listen to much of anything.

Hope I am not hitting my second language learning wall (hit one in January after 2 months of straight burning it).


Maybe need “easier win” content for awhile? Sayuri Saying’s solo vids go pretty slow and iirc they have both English and JP subs a lot of the time. I’d put her under Yuyu in difficulty but she chooses interesting topics. I’m sure others could recommend more if you’d be interested. Continuing every day with lighter content will still net you gains (as the vocab and grammar solidify in your head) while less likely to burn you out.

It’s kind of what I do where I sometimes go hard on difficult literature and complex TV shows and then back off for awhile and read pulp fiction and watch romcoms. Gotta give my brain a break.


July 28th

I watched the final 2 episodes of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens today, with subs.
It was definitely an odd anime, but I enjoyed it. Lots of interesting characters.

(Home Post)


I really appreciate this because after Teppei for Beginners ive been looking for the next step up. Thanks.


Home post

Week 5

July 28
Yuusuke & Kaito, episode 4.


I watched a video about books with the best どんでん返し (surprise twists) today because I LOVE surprises in books

annnnnd now I have 3 more books on my 読みたい pile :sweat:


July 28 :blossom: Home Post

Nothing too crazy today, just some more let’s play stuff as seems to be my theme :man_shrugging: I think it’s getting easier? It’s hard to tell sometimes, but I’m gonna say it’s getting easier :joy: I definitely don’t have much faith in my ability to follow an actual plot by listening alone at this point, but it’s been working for let’s play nonsense so I’ll take it for now!


Original Post

I didn’t really listen to much today, just some Japanese commercials for video games. I’m still not really sure what to listen to… I might just listen to the content people link here. xD