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Heh, I was already considering 1) creating a study log thread for myself, and 2) increasing listening practice, so this thread came in at a great time. I used to listen to quite a few Japanese podcasts (Noriko, Teppei, あかね的日本語), but I just lost the habit. Since I’ve joined several reading/book clubs in the forums, I feel like I’ve made good progress in reading, but listening got left behind. So my aim is to get back to it in the next few months. I am participating in the Kurzgesagt Watching Club :earth_americas:, which has been really great so far, but perhaps I’ll also look for other media such as movies and anime to complement my listening. I hope to be able to do a bit every day!

*Edited because I’ll have guests over this weekend and I won’t even try to trick myself into thinking I’ll get any studying done by then, so I’m shifting my start date to the 3rd.

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Listening to Shun podcasts although I find him boring, most topics are easy to understand. Also halfway through LoTR 2. Realize Hobbit is too boring to watch since its not close to my level and even in English I find it was never as engaging as LoTR.


Hey there, long time no see.

Just wanted to let you know that the Kurzgesagt Watch Club has its vote ending tomorrow. If you want to participate, it’s prime time to vote for the videos that interest you.


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Well, I’m 100% not going to be able to make it every day, but I’m going to give it a shot to at least see a more overall distribution of my listening; do I listen as infrequently as I believe? Or is it not all that bad? I’d like to average some sort of listening activity three times per week, ideally.

Instead of checkboxes I’ll be replacing the day with an appropriate icon for thing listened to; I’m counting on having a pretty calendar being a source of motivation to update at the very least, haha.

:sailboat: - Flesh&Blood drama CD
:microscope: - Kurzgesagt video
:hibiscus: - 華doll drama CD
:tv: - Anime/Movie/TV show
:books: - Audiobook
:studio_microphone: - Podcast
:headphones: - Any other activity

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On my commute I continue to listen to podcasts. I have started Japanese with Noriko which isn’t that exciting but its comprehensible i+1 as they say. I finished LoTR part 3 yesterday and I plan to do Pride and Prejudice in Japanese later because “Mr. Darcy” and while it is way above my level I have watched it about 3 times in English so I will be okay.


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As usual, I’m planning to start late and do a 1-month challenge instead, but I’ll make my home post now ^^ Last challenge, I had a lot of success with walking videos and videos of real-life everyday conversations (or as I like to call them, videos on how to be a person in Japan). I’ll probably try to look for more of that type of content unless something else catches my eye between now and then.

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study log

June 30th:
:desktop_computer: :partly_sunny: 天気予報 おおしま・りん (6:50)
:desktop_computer: :newspaper: NHKニュースウエブ 大豆ミート (1:54)

trying to figure out my method of tackling this challenge before it begins

I’m easily distracted during listening-only practice, so I tried doing a dual listening method with two youtube videos. For each of them, I first listened with my eyes closed (this was significantly harder with the weather broadcast video because Rin is laughing 90% of the time, but I used my satin sleep mask and felt very fancy) and then listened again with eyes open to take in more information and see if my understanding changed with the images/gestures. I definitely was not expecting to have missed so much of the NHK video from eyes-closed listening but I’ve also never come across vegan/vegetarianism in Japanese media before!

I’m not sure if I will stick with youtube videos the entire way through the challenge, but I’m also not much of a podcast/audiobook person? Ah well, we’ll see how my habits and interests develop this month ( ´ ▿ ` )


So today I listened to the first episode of Nihongo con Teppei Z to have a good start on this challenge. Normally I just listen to the beginner podcast, but today I felt a little :sparkles: spicy :sparkles:

Also I leveled up to 26 today! Can’t wait to fight myself trough the new lesson pile
ₕₐ ₕₐ


July 1, Sat of Week 1 of Summer Q3 2023 :beach_umbrella:

YUYU, 1 new episode.

Cop Craft 1 Ch.2. About 10 minutes left. Read afterwards.


:sound: :beach_umbrella: Summer 2023 Listening Challenge :beach_umbrella: :sound:

Resource Time listened
Podcasts 87 h, 57 min
Month Total listened
7月 8 h, 47 min
8月 10 h, 10 min

Detailed daily log
Date Resource Time listened
7月1日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 16 min
7月2日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 41 min
7月3日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 44 min
7月4日 さくら通信
56 min
21 min
7月5日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 14 min
7月6日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 14 min
7月7日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 16 min
7月8日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 56 min
7月9日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 1h 05 min
7月10日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 20 min
7月11日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 28 min
7月12日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 15 min
7月13日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 13 min
7月14日 ゆる言語学ラジオ 21 min
7月15日 ゆる言語学ラジオ 16 min
7月17日 ゆる言語学ラジオ 17 min
7月19日 ゆる言語学ラジオ 17 min
7月22日 ゆとりっ娘たちのたわごと 37 min
Date Resource Time listened
8月21日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト 46 min
8月22日 YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト
35 min
24 min
8月23日 こんにちは未来
24 min
34 min
8月24日 WONT
44 min
17 min
8月25日 WONT
31 min
31 min
8月26日 ゆるコンピュータ科学ラジオ
23 min
25 min
17 min
8月27日 ゆるコンピュータ科学ラジオ 1h 5 min
8月28日 FF14ことりのリンクシェル通信 1h 3 min
8月29日 FF14ことりのリンクシェル通信 1h 7 min
8月30日 FF14ことりのリンクシェル通信 1h 4 min

I’ll be joining this one again after a while c: . Like the reading challenge I won’t make a calendar for it but I do want to track the time I spend listening to hopefully inform and improve my study. I’ll also round down every number when it comes to seconds cause ehhh too lazy ^^ . Good luck!

Also thanks @omk3 for hosting once more <3 .

:loud_sound: 7月1日
YUYUポッドキャスト #71 (16 min)


:beach_umbrella: :sunny: Twelve's Summer Listening Home Post :sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground:

:books: My Study Log
:open_book: My home post in the Read every day challenge

That felt like a long month of no Japanese listening, let’s get back into it! Here’s some of the things I’ll be listening to:

:mount_fuji: Nihongo con Teppei
:hibiscus: Comprehensible Japanese
:arrow_right: Youtube videos

= listened for <= 10 minutes
= listened for > 10 minutes

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宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定 ドラマCD第1巻「追憶のダイヤモンド」 (4 parts, total 23 min)



:headphones::desert_island: taiyousea’s listening challenge :flamingo::loud_sound:
my study log

July 1st:
:speaker::sun_behind_rain_cloud: 天気の子『小説』
Audiobook Narrator’s Introduction (3:51)
Prologue Part 1 of 3 (6:21)

Trying out an audiobook for the first time! I have the physical novel for 天気の子 so I figured it would be perfect to listen to the audio for it, just in case I don’t understand a word/paragraph I can just go look at the 書き方.

This is also really fun because I read 君の名は for the Spring Reading Challenge and this accidentally continues into a Shinkai Makoto trend. The audiobook for 天気 has some really great voice acting in it, with different actors for different characters’ dialogue which is new for me! It could only be better if it was the type of audiobook that did occasional sound effects (though I’m still in the prologue, so fingers crossed!)

This challenge is the first time I’ve ever tried to tackle several minutes of listening without being otherwise impeded by the usual internet browsing or video watching that I would normally do while audio plays. My brain’s auto-response is to say “Oh! I don’t know this, time to zone out” but when I really try hard to listen I find that I understand quite a bit. I’m hoping that this challenge breaks my zoning-out habit!!

zoom back to home thread


July 1st!

I travelled to visit family today, so I didn’t start the challenge as strongly as I was planning to!
But I did do some listening - two episodes of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, and a short JapanesePod101 video called Must-Know Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing.

(Home Post)


Today I listened to 3 episodes of Nihongo con teppei for beginners ( 241,242 and 243) and a few minutes of an audiobook I started yesterday. I am not sure if I should count it, since I also read the physical novel while I listen to the voice acting :eyes:
Maybe I can just count it for listening as well as reading, but it certainly feels like cheating :octopus:


I’m definitely going to be doing this with audiobooks. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: My listening’s not good enough otherwise. >.< I figure listening’s listening, right? Even if you’re not getting the “maximum” benefit, you’re still getting something, and you’re motivated (even more important).


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Hello everyone :wave: It’s already one day late, but I want to join the challenge once again. Unfortunately the spring challenge didn’t go so well for me. Somehow it’s more difficult than I thought to squeeze some listening into my day. But I hope that I will be able to do a better job this time around :sunglasses:

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Detailed log for 7月
2日 kurzgesagt ダイソン球への道 - 究極の巨大構造体 :tv:
kurzgesagt フェルミのパラドックス - エイリアンはどこにいる? :tv:
JLPT N3 Mock exam :radio:
3日 Comprehensible Japanese The Star Talers :tv:
4日 Comprehensible Japanese Temple and Shrines :tv:
5日 Comprehensible Japanese The People on Japanese Bills :tv:
6日 Comprehensible Japanese Terrible Twos :tv:
Comprehensible Japanese What is Comprehensible Input? :tv:
7日 Comprehensible Japanese Spot the difference - Cherry blossom viewing :tv:
Comprehensible Japanese ヒヤッとした出来事 :tv:
8日 Comprehensible Japanese Fukuoka’s local specialities :tv:
Comprehensible Japanese Japanese Tea Ceremony :tv:
9日 Comprehensible Japanese Kachi Kachi Yama (Jap. Folktale) :tv:
10日 Comprehensible Japanese Tanabata Festival :tv:
11日 Comprehensible Japanese Traditions of Obon Festival :tv:
12日 Comprehensible Japanese Autumn in Japan :tv:
13日 Comprehensible Japanese Extensive reading :tv:
14日 Comprehensible Japanese Kabuki :tv:
15日 Comprehensible Japanese Halloween in Japan :tv:
16日 Comprehensible Japanese Doraemon’s Gadgets :tv:
17日 kurzgesagt 地球で最も孤独な場所、深海に何が隠れている? 深海 :tv:
Comprehensible Japanese Kasa Jizo (Japanese Folktale) :tv:
18日 Comprehensible Japanese Japanese Zodiac :tv:
19日 Comprehensible Japanese Try these japanese riddles :tv:
20日 Comprehensible Japanese Traditional Japanese Sweets :tv:
21日 Comprehensible Japanese MUJI products we have in our house :tv:
22日 Comprehensible Japanese Conversation with Noriko Sensei :tv:
23日 Comprehensible Japanese Try these japanese riddles #2 :tv:
24日 Comprehensible Japanese The Nose (japanese literature from Meiji era) :tv:
25日 Comprehensible Japanese Contradiction (a Chinese tale) :tv:
26日 Comprehensible Japanese Good luck meals japanese students eat before exams :tv:
27日 Comprehensible Japanese Japanese “Goshugi” Culture :tv:
28日 Comprehensible Japanese Animal Guessing Game :tv:
29日 Comprehensible Japanese Karaoke :tv:
30日 Comprehensible Japanese Mercury and the woodman :tv:
31日 Comprehensible Japanese Animal Guessing Game #2 :tv:

:tv: - Video || :radio: - Audio

:sunflower: 8月 :beach_umbrella:
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Detailed log for 8月
1日 Comprehensible Japanese Measures against COVID-19 :tv:
2日 Comprehensible Japanese My pets :tv:
5日 Comprehensible Japanese The most painful memory :tv:
6日 難聴うさぎ 耳が聞こえないのに何で喋れるの?。。。 :tv:
7日 Yakuza 0 Chapter 8,9,10 :video_game:
8日 Speak Japanese Naturally Exploring a japanese neighborhood :tv:
9日 Comprehensible Japanese 雨の日 :tv:
10日 Comprehensible Japanese My town :tv:
11日 Comprehensible Japanese What I do in the morning :tv:
Miku Real Japanese 【がち】“tend to” in japanese :tv:
12日 Miku Real Japanese 【ずに】“without -ing” in japanese :tv:
13日 Comprehensible Japanese Language Learning :tv:
14日 Comprehensible Japanese Japanese Table Manner :tv:
15日 Comprehensible Japanese Hina Dolls :tv:
16日 あかね的日本語教室 Hokkaido Vlog :tv:
17日 Comprehensible Japanese Sakamoto Ryoma :tv:
18日 Comprehensible Japanese The seven deadly sins (Anime) :tv:
19日 Comprehensible Japanese Valentine’s Day in Japan :tv:
20日 Comprehensible Japanese Country guessing game :tv:
21日 Miku Real Japanese Vlog - Strawberry picking :tv:
22日 Comprehensible Japanese Foods we often eat in summer :tv:
23日 あかね的日本語教室 Tokyo Vlog :tv:
24日 Comprehensible Japanese Actions with paper :tv:
25日 Comprehensible Japanese Ghibli movie quiz :tv:
26日 Speak Japanese Naturally A walk with a dog :tv:
27日 Comprehensible Japanese The tortoise and the hare :tv:
28日 Tales of Zestiria (Anime) S01E01 :tv:
29日 Tales of Zestiria (Anime) S01E02 (First half) :tv:
30日 Tales of Zestiria (Anime) S01E02 (Second half) :tv:
31日 Comprehensible Japanese Body parts :tv:

:tv: - Video || :radio: - Audio || :video_game: - Videogame

Previous challenges

Spring 2023


:beach_umbrella: Day 1, 7 月 1 日 :sunny:

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:hibiscus: Comprehensible Japanese - Aquarium
Haven’t listened to any Japanese the past month, but this was suprisingly manageable.


:watermelon: :wind_chime: 7月1日 :wind_chime: :watermelon: (Home Post Link)


  • Last week’s 朝ミオ ~15 minutes. Talking about favorite drinks today. In the off-month I actually haven’t been watching any mio, so was kinda nice to come back to!

I was going to watch the new ホリミヤ without subs but then i saw it was adapting the single chapter in the series that I remembered having a super hard time understanding. I think next week I’ll definitely try it without subs though.

Yes! This! Language learning is a (very very very long) marathon, not any sort of sprint, and so being able to stay consistent doing something consistently, even if it’s not the most micro-efficient way of learning words/kanji, or practicing listening, or reading, is still incredibly valuable. Very easy to accidentally bite off more than you can handle and then get demotivated and not want to do anything!


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:loud_sound: 7月2日
YUYUポッドキャスト #72~74 (41 min)

Listened to some YUYU while cleaning this morning. To this day he keeps being entertaining to me, it’s likely I’ll catch up to his most recent ones at some point which is in the low 200s I think? I’ll explore some new stuff to listen to soon but for now I’m finding his podcast great to get into the habit of regular listening again.

I wonder if ゆる言語学ラジオ got easier to understand for me at this point, I want to try soonish.