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I have been wandering through the apple podcast rankings looking for podcasts to try. I have several loaded up to have a look at, but this one seemed like it might be worth noting here: エッセイラジオ is 6 or 7 minute long readings of short essays by various authors, generally in the ‘heartwarming’ genre it looks like. The podcast is available via the usual means, but they also have full transcripts on the website. Anyway, the combination of short duration, narrated rather than live conversation, and transcripts seems helpful for language learning purposes (or for ticking the listened-to-something-today box :slight_smile: ).


:sound: :maple_leaf: Autumn 2022 Listening Challenge :maple_leaf: :sound:

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TV shows

  • 深夜食堂 : 4 episodes.

Status: In Progress.
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  • 深夜食堂:第1話


  • 深夜食堂:第2話


  • 深夜食堂:第3話

I’ve been slacking on the home post ^^ . I’ll just use it as the start too to avoid unnecessary double posting.

I started this series on Netflix, I already did a long time ago but not for long. Actually I think I started the second season of this back then without noticing, and then afterwards I noticed the first season. So anyways, so far it hasn’t been amazing but it’s alright, entertaining. It’s about little stories from customers of a late night 飯屋 in Tokyo. There were a few things I didn’t like but eh, it’s mostly okay for what it is: entertainment while having dinner.

@pm215 I’m not sure if it’s something you’d enjoy, but I find さくら通信 very funny and goofy :slight_smile: . It’s two friends talking and laughing about whatever it is they decide to talk about, changes every episode.


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October 3rd

Rewatched the vlog from yesterday; only fared slightly better. :person_shrugging: I tried closing my eyes to help me focus, but towards the end my mind started wandering in spite of that. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

Nice find! Bookmarked it for now. I’ll look for it on my podcast app in the morning.


Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll give it a try.


Alright. Finally got into the groove of things and started watching Jojo. I started with part 2 because I’ve viewed the first 8 episodes about 3 or 4 times. I’m gonna probably read the manga for part 1 in my downtime.

Did pretty well. Some difficult lingo here and there but otherwise could follow and fill in the blanks pretty reliably.


:fallen_leaf: Day 4, 4th of October :maple_leaf:

:headphones: Back to my Home Post

More Nihongo con teppei! I didn’t have time to actually look up vocabulary or even listen very closely, I mainly just let it play in the background. With how much content I consume daily, most simply due to my job, not having to focus is also nice.

With how low my general knowledge of Japanese is, it is also really difficult to find any engaging material; most of the time anything you consume has to be deciphered and it’s just a huuuge energy drain… It would be nice if I had something to look forward to but I don’t really consume many other podcasts.

Maybe someone here knows if there is a Japanese podcast/video series about Dungeons and Dragons or similar table top roleplays?


October 4 :film_strip: :

Listening went well today. I rewatched the first episode of the Tatami Galaxy, and I actually understood some bits. Then I also watched Inside the Mind of a Cat in Japanese dub on Netflix. It was fun, informative, and actually quite easy to understand. I’m not saying I understood everything, of course not, but still, way more than usual.

Thanks for this. Until I read this comment I had no idea I could search by audio language. Not only that, but I’m almost certain that I had tried Inside the Mind of a Cat and other documentaries before, and was disappointed to find that there was apparently no Japanese audio available. Yet when I searched by Japanese audio, there they were! :upside_down_face:


October 4th!

Today I listened to Episode 60 of Nihongo con Teppei for beginners.
It was another food related one so pretty easy to understand.
I obviously spend a disproportionate amount of my time talking and thinking about food, because I’ve understood these last few episodes way more easily than the previous ones :grin:

(Home Post)


:house_with_garden: Home post


  • 深夜食堂:第4話

Another episode of this. It’s weird, it’s not a particularly great series, but it has some strange something that pulls me in. The stories tend to give a sour feeling, perhaps it’s the realistic approach, and I like it. The role of the 飯屋 owner is great though, I really like his character and his narration voice.


Summary Post

October 4th
What did I listen to?: A Series of Unfortunate Events Ep 1
How much time did I spend listening?: 48 min (? however long the episode was)

Um, so this is the best thing I have ever learned in my life
Through the use of this search, I discovered that the Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix series has both Japanese dubs and Japanese subs. And I turned it on and THE FREAKING THEME SONG IS IN JAPANESE TOO AND I WAS NOT EXPECTING 見るな、見るな〜 I’M CRYING :joy: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH :joy:
But one other thing I noticed almost immediately is that the subs…don’t match the dubs? Like they sort of do most of the time, but they’re definitely not word for word and sometimes I swear it’s like completely different. It’s kind of distracting lol. But I think the subs are still kinda helpful because they talk so fast I can barely catch anything lmao, at least this way I can see some words I know and piece it together a little?
伯爵, 伯爵, 伯爵~~~~ :musical_note: :joy::joy: It’s gold in English and gold in Japanese
God I hope someone else is familiar with this show lmao


This will always be true. Dubs are written to try to sound natural and match mouth movements / time as best as possible. Subs (usually) get a bit more leeway for direct translation over localization and timing concerns are present but different. They’re basically two entirely separate translations.


Two episodes of Nihongo con Teppei today, two yesterday. Not much, enough to check the box.

Watched the first fifty minutes of Men In Black on Netflix with Japanese dubs.

Yeah, apparently that’s a thing. Had to turn my subs off.


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October 4th

Had a massive headache this morning. I made it through an episode on Satori Reader and the following grammar video from Sambon Juku. (It did eventually go away, which I’m very grateful for.) A point he mentions in the video is that, with words that end in ん, instead of it being something like 〜んって, it becomes 〜んて (for example, 日本ていう国 instead of 日本っていう国), which I guess I’ve never really noticed before except with 何て.

I can’t say I know how they went about it, but there’s likely several reasons for this. Both subs and dubs work within a limit: for subtitles, there’s a given character limit depending on the length of the spoken line, and for dubbing, the limit is for the rhythm of the mouth movements. Sometimes you can squeeze a little more into a subtitle than you can with a spoken line. Additionally, it’s not unusual for the script that goes to the dub director to wind up being changed as the actors record their lines; maybe the original is too long, or reads better than it does spoken, for instance, so they need to rewrite it. Only closed captions will match spoken dialogue.

I did get to translate a dub script for my translation class last semester. It was even harder than the subtitle work we usually do, but maybe that was because I was a total noob at it. :person_shrugging:


October 5 :film_strip:

I watched an episode of Beastars on Netflix. Not captivated. I’m really not doing well with any kind of anime. It doesn’t help that they all seem to be fantasy, sci-fi, romance, or a blend of those three. And most of them contain screaming high-schoolers. Beastars seemed different to an extent, but I still don’t see myself watching more of it.

Then I tried Ju-On Origins since I’m still in the mood for some light horror and it’s October. Halfway through it got a little too disturbing though ( a child was attacked by an accompanying adult over nothing, plus I read mentions of rape in the summary) so I gave up on it too.

Searching on Youtube for 怖い話 brings up all sorts of ridiculous supposedly true ghost stories. That’s not what I’m looking for either. I tried adding 子供 as a search word, and then the stories got too tame and kindergarden-ish. I did watch one short video on dailymotion, and while it was okay as far as level of scariness was concerned, it was also quite ridiculously acted and directed, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that either. Honestly, I would be so happy with more 水木しげる yokai videos, or even something like the Japan Foundation series on yokai. Or anything else with that kind of aesthetics. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Edit: Well, I found an interesting and short NHK piece on 水木しげる at least:


I’m not sure if you can find it, it’s on Japanese Netflix, but モノノ怪 (もののけ) sounds right up your alley. I mentioned it in the summer thread, and I remember someone said they couldn’t find it, but i don’t remember who. Here’s the trailer

Edit: when I searched for the title on YouTube I also found the first episode there.


Thank you for reminding me, this really does sound right up my alley. I’m afraid it was me who couldn’t find it in the summer thread :sweat_smile:. Not available in my region, once again, at least not on Netflix. But I’ll have a look again, try and see if it’s somehow available elsewhere.


This may also be region locked, but worth a click.

Only autogenerated subtitles, unfortunately, but it’s in japanese.

Idk if you speak french, the french subtitles can’t be removed, which might be annoying if you understand them.


Ooh, thanks so much, this works for me! I don’t think the French subtitles will be much of a problem. I do understand them, but I need to make a conscious effort to do so, which I won’t. :smiley:


I’m glad! It looks like they have a bunch of episodes too, so hopefully you can stay entertained for a while!


I haven’t been doing any listening lately (except from when I’m playing 二ノ国; I also listen NHK Easy News, but I’m not sure it counts as they are auto-voiced), so I think this thread is a nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaice oppurrtunity for me to fix that :cat2:

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My main source of listening is


I have tried listening to more advanced

but it is still above my current level – some podcasts I understand almost completely and some – only vaguely.

P. S. The way Discourse displays these two links might make you think they are the same link, but they are not – they are both from Teppei 先生、but the first one is the simplified version for beginners.

Also, thanks to @edelstein さん、discovered this wonderful channel: