🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Summary Post

October 9th
What did I listen to?: A Series of Unfortunate Events Ep 3
How much time did I spend listening?: 48 min (? however long the episode was)

This episode veered into incomprehensible pretty often tbh, but I learned some random words like 爬虫類学 (herpetology) and おだぶつ (dying; kicking the bucket) lmao

There’s this one part of the episode (that I sort of forgot about until now) where the characters go to the movies and the subtitles of the movie are used to convey a secret message (the message is seen with a special scope that blots out some of the letters in the subtitles). I wish I had more energy/skill to analyze how this was adapted into the Japanese lol. They kept the spoken words of the movie in English, and had the English subtitles (with the secret messages) showing, but then also had Japanese subtitles on the sides of the screen, one on the right for the spoken word meaning and one on the left for the secret message being conveyed. It would have been cool if they’d tried to create a similar sort of effect with the Japanese subtitles (like using parts of the Japanese subtitles for the spoken words to make up the Japanese subtitles for the secret message). I tried to see if they did or not, but after rewinding a few times, I still couldn’t tell and I gave up lmao. It seemed like maybe not, which would be a bummer but understandable xD There was already a lot going on, and you have the English subtitles visible to demonstrate how it’s supposed to be working.

…This part of the episode added nothing to my listening skills, but I found it interesting to think about :joy: