List vocab using same kanji when learning new words

It would be nice if, when learning a new word, that all previously acquired words using the same kanji be incorporated as part of the lesson and also when useful a general primer about how to distinguish different readings.

For example, in the early stages 生まれる 生える and all the life related words got complicated in a way that might have been easier if I understood the relationships between these words and why some use 'う’ or 'い’ or 'は’.

Posting general rules for things like 人、ジン、and げつ、月 and similar less easily intuited readings would similarly be useful. There are rules I only discovered after having a hard time that would have made things easier if they were presented with the second alternate for a given kanji.


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Basically because when kanji was introduced to Japanese, kanji with appropriate meanings were pasted over the top of multiple already-existing Japanese words. It’s good ol’ etymology at play here.

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