List of transitive/intransitive verbs?

Does anyone know of an extensive list of intransitive and transitive verbs? WK counts it as right if it’s slightly off, so I haven’t really learned which is which. Is there a pattern to it maybe?

here are some, bloody hate them


Thank you!

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You might want to read this post by the author of the Japanese from Zero series. Unfortunately the answer seems to be that no solid pattern or rules exist to tell the difference, only rules that sort of apply.

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I bought The Handbook of Japanese Verbs by Taeko Kamiya recently to help with them in general. it has exercises and lots of sentence examples. I remember having a similar book in HS for spanish and it helping a lot so hoping this will be the same.

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no problems, this website has loads of free printables which is helpful. i honestly struggle with this a lot. i’m teaching active and passive voice (english) to my students tomorrow and their faces are the same i pull with trans and intrans. boo grammar

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Don’t know if this will work, but i have put the transitive and intrans verbs into memrise using the sentences on the sheet. now i have the flu so i am hoping that i haven’t made a typo or anything but if i have let me know.

This is the best explanation I’ve found. It gives some hard rules and some general guidelines to help tell them apart. I’m trying to reference back to “The Three Laws” every time I come upon a new transitive/intransitive vocab pair to figure out which rule it follows.

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