LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc

What I mean is nothing pops up whatever I say, if it’s a single syllable. Not even ア.

Another issue I’m having is that whenever I try to say ヘルプを閉じて it only recognizes ヘルプ, but maybe that’s on me, although the thing pops up while I’m still speaking.

About ヘルプを閉じて no, that’s a known beta feature :slight_smile: it doesn’t have full Japanese support yet… so a lot of the standard commands (outside of WaniKani) don’t work in Japanese. This is because I need to kana-ify conjugated verbs… which is a bit complex. If you wanna use the standard commands, I recommend you stick with English for this beta version :slight_smile:

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All of a sudden it works No change in setup or anything. Probably a fault on my end anyway. Sorry.

The problem is that I wanted to see the help while on WK, but when you’re on WK it’s automatically Japanese, haha. It’s fine though, I can just close help by turning it off and on again.

Can I suggest a keyword for making the last input the answer? I’m not a native English speaker and had to try “to be in disorder” a few times before it stopped thinking I said “to be in this order”. It would probably have accepted the latter, so it would be nice if I could choose to input that.

That’s a great idea. Like some other people mentioned here, I’m also not from the US (not even a native English speaker), so I’m not sure if it’s gonna work. Guess I’ll just wait for some reviews and try it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I just did a 20 item review using (mostly) LipSurf to give it a try. ^^

Two things that I noticed:

I got stuck on the vocab word 一番目 because the plug-in represented that as “1番目,” which WK doesn’t acknowledge as an answer.

And after every few inputs, it seemed to stop listening? It would stop representing the things said at the top of the screen, no matter what I said, in which language, or at what volume. Every time this happened, it would go non-responsive until I turned it off and on again.

If it makes any difference to know: I’m on a dinky Windows 7 laptop. ^^

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@mikob I just installed and tried lipsurf for a session of 8 reviews (all vocab); it was fantastic! tbh, I wasn’t expecting much, because of the struggles I’ve seen my husband go through with trying to use dictation on his mac, and how my voice seems to befuddle most automatic voice command phone systems (post office, etc.)

I like that it shows what you say at the top of the page; that gives the user some nice feedback on how to interact with it.

One thing that I noticed was that after inputting an answer in Japanese, it seemed to not accept “next” to move on, so I had to make sure to say “次” after inputting the readings. Not a big deal, but just something I wasn’t expecting.

This seems like a great way to include a little bit more speaking into my Japanese study routine :grinning:


Ah, yes. Getting the numbers to work should be easy. I’ll get that fixed in the next version. I’ll try to reproduce the bug where it stops working after some time too, someone else had it as well.

Thanks for letting me know!

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I can’t wait to try this! It should be tremendously helpful for me! Gross motor movements when I’m facing tons of reviews eventually render my arm defective for a while until I’m flailing my wrist at the keyboard and forced to take a break.

So, I just told しゅうり (the correct reading of 修理), it showed 修理 on top, and it didn’t transcribe anything at all :thinking: This on a reading review. Not sure if this will happen to me again as it seems like such a specific bug, but I thought it would still be worth mentioning. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a screenshot in time =/

Also, since this is a meaning review, should it show up in katakana? :thinking:

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Whether it shows up in Kanji or Kana on the live-text on top doesn’t matter. Because it just converts it to kana in the end to compare with the answer.

I think you encountered 2 separate bugs here, which I’m working on fixing now. Did you, by any chance, switch tabs/windows while doing your reviews? Thanks to @Kumirei this is a known issue that I am fixing.

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I did another review session with it just now and noticed a couple of things:

  1. Like Kumirei, I couldn’t get it to accept a one-syllable Japanese input - い for the reading of the kanji “surround”.

  2. I would like to be allowed to input a wrong answer - ex. the word up for meaning review was 料理, I thought it was “ingredients” and said that repeatedly, but Lipsurf refused to enter it in the answer box. Then the correct answers showed in grey in the answer box, and I (stubbornly) still thought that I was right, so I ended up typing “ingredients”. I would have liked for it to just enter the word that I said and not show the correct answer.

Also, I was wondering, do you have any plans for making it work with lessons?

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About 2. You can just say “wrong” instead of typing the wrong answer. If LipSurf is not inputting it in the textbox, and you see the transcription is correct in the live text up-top, then you know you’re wrong and should probably say so :slight_smile:

I suppose I could make it handle lessons. Depending on interest.

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I tried again with English (UK). It did understand me better (to pour = Tupac), but it seems like it do a big then completely ingnore you (even stuff like New Tab). The button still toggled on but abolute nothing and if you press it to try turn it off it doesnt change just completely stuck. It did come back few minutes later after cold shouldering.

I also manage to try on reviews - it starting off well and even was showing japanese words and had better detection than english, but then it seemed to get stuck in english (which was a disaster). This is when when it wasnt ignoring me which was alot.

It seems to be getting stuck - i even had to go in and disable and renable the addon through chrome and it still didnt fix it.

I do think it had potential (and cool when working) - but at the current time it taking alot of effort for me.

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It seems like you didn’t wait for it to finish downloading the Japanese language pack? There is a little yellow icon in the lipsurf icon when it is busy downloading. Hence it might seem “stuck”. If you reinstalled the extension it would need to re-install the Lang pack which would explain why it still happened after you did that.

There’s actually a notification when it’s downloading the language pack, maybe it wasn’t visible on your computer.

Hope this helps. It takes a little getting used to.


Ok, I got it now :slightly_smiling_face: went through a 74 item review session tonight with only a few hiccups - it’s way more fun than typing, though I still did have to resort to the keyboard for the one-syllable kanji readings, and a couple other things too, I think.

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@saruko I’ve just added a feature to the latest v0.5 where you can now say “えいご” to switch to English then just spell out the word as you would on the keyboard… this works really well for the short kanji that don’t get recognized. You don’t have to say “にほんご” to switch it back or anything, it will automatically default to Japanese for the kana reviews as usual.

Also fixed some bugs.

Hope it’s even better for you now!


I found a bad bug where saying long things in Japanese could slow things down by even minutes! I’ve fixed the bug in the latest v0.5, maybe it will work better for you now. Thanks for the feedback!


I just got the update notification - sounds like a good feature; I’ll try it out tonight.

I’m just waiting for someone to not remember 駄目 and say だめ to try to fail the review.