LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc

What is your accent? Struggling with English or Japanese? It might be useful to try changing to a different dialect of English via the options.

This is really cool! Is there a phone version?

What should I choose as a non native speaker? Is it gonna discriminate me? :confused:

It depends what dialect your main teacher spoke, (or if it was something like TV shows, what country were they from?)

Yes, it’s been in the works. Can you email us with your phone platform (iOS or Android) - and we’ll send you an email with a link when the next version is ready.

v4.2.0 fixes an issue with the automatic hint showing for Japanese even when the setting was off, and adds manual commands for “show hint”/ヒント

I watched just as many brittish youtubers as I did americans. I speak a random mixture that varies depending on which way I subcounsciously find easier to say the words. I say “better” in an american way and “powerful” in a brittish way. The vowels I don’t even know which way I’m saying…
I guess I’ll try the software first tell you what worked.

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Im lazy and tired to type but it so much easier for me with your addon.
It is very good.
Thank you very much.
You just made my day.

Well I was pretty excited, spent an hour to get it set up. But… looks like it’s no longer free. Hard sell to have me pay money if I can’t even tell if it’s going to work. Also appears to be subscription only, which is gross. Was able to try the transcribe function at least… and it’s… ok. Hard thing to do well and its better than dragonspeak 20 years ago, but google on my phone is so much better. Rarely misses a word and this is at about 80% which is more frustrating than useful. But maybe it just doesn’t like my snowball mic.

I just subscribed. The session always times out after a while even though I’m still using it. Any fixes for this?