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Hello everyone,

I have been on WK since July 2019 and I have reached Level 25 by now. I also started learning Japanese when I signed up for WK.

However, now I feel like I should focus on other learning methods than WK, since it’s become very time-consuming and the vocab got pretty strange. But I don’t want to abandon it or slowly stack up until I have 600 reviews to do.

Is there a way to limit the daily reviews?

thank you!

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You can just start limiting the number of new lessons that you do each day. In a couple of weeks, your reviews will taper off to a more manageable level.


The vocabulary is… strange?

Looking at the list of stuff for level 25 I see things like metal, foreground, climate, discount, to give, to increase, to search for… all pretty basic stuff. When I took a trip to Japan last year it was just as I was hitting the low 20’s and I thought a lot of that vocabulary was quite practical. So I’d highly recommend keeping up with it.

With that said it’s certainly fair to want to allocate your daily study time availability in some different proportion. Biggest thing that leads to WK being time consuming or overwhelming is letting your apprentice card count grow. You need to find whatever quantity works for you, be it 100 or 50 or whatever it might be. If you’re above your target stop taking new lessons. If you’re below it, take new material on until you hit it.


Srs will pump up items when the time has come. You need better results in reviews…

Agree. At this stage, I feel like I’m finally getting the most useful vocab as the Grade 4 and 5 kanji start to complete themselves. Now, if only I could come up with all these words from memory…

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