Leveling up and speeding up

I’m just gonna leave this here …

I reached the paradise levels !! But are the paradise levels any easier than the rest?

After a period of slowing down my leveling up, i’m now trying to up my speed, as I can sense the end is nigh (of Wanikani, not the world).

in other news I’ve stopped going to the evening class I was attending, because I wasn’t enjoying it. I feel slightly guilty - but i am hoping to fill the gap some tutoring maybe.



There are fast levels during this section, where level up can be achieved in <4d

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I see - i’m not using the re-order script, so the chances of me getting through the vocab quick enough to achieve 4 day levels might be slim ! :crazy_face:

It’s not like I can get 7d levels on a slow level of 6d 20h.

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