Level up regret

Definitely that helps. A lot of days I can only do it while commuting or at night before crashing.

At least you didn’t say while commuting before crashing



I like to look at the big “overall” progress bars on my WK profile page from time to time instead. They always just keep going up as the levels tick away, they never reset.


Yeah,I love seeing the bars on this page as well. It’s nice to chip away at different thresholds every day and adds a bit more satisfaction to the level up :smiley:

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That page works both ways, I always cringe when I see my “fastest possible” level up date move back because i got a kanji review wrong :frowning:

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Heh yeah, I usually find the progress bars motivating, as they feed into my need to 100% complete stuff. Although my cringe factor is seeing the accuracy stats there nosedive after getting a bunch wrong… :disappointed:

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I understand the urge to get through the lessons and reviews as quick as possible, but I found that pacing myself was better, as others have said. Keep in mind it takes a little while for a new pace to take hold. When you do reviews and lessons in large groups they come back at your in large groups. If you can spread them out they come back at you more evenly.
Right now, I don’t have a lot of time to do WK, but I want to keep it going. I’ve slowed down to 5 lessons everyday (as long as my reviews are at or near 0), and 50 reviews max per day. If end up missing a few days I only get a 100-150 review backlog and I’ll do 50 a day (sometimes I’ll do 50 in the morning and 50 at night depending on things) until I catch-up skipping adding new lessons until I’m caught up. I also try to make sure my lessons are down to 0 before I level-up. If you have the time, you should be able to do double that pace without much difficulty. Right now I spend about 15 minutes per day doing the reviews and lessons. And it’s almost always the same amount of time each day. I probably average 85-90% correct on the reviews.
Not sure if it helps, but right now my time per level looks like this. You can see I’ve had a couple lags and a slow down…

Best of luck. Don’t give up.


I respect your patience!

I think it’s fine. As long as you don’t do all the lessons at once, it’s doable.

When did you stop doing all the lessons at once?

Pretty early, but it worked for the first 2 or so levels.

Never regret progress, regret, NOT progressing!.

The reorder script can help you keep a pace going BUT you’ve got to commit to a set amount of lessons per day that include the Vocabulary or you’re going just hurt yourself. My leveling routine:
All the radicals on day one, and do nothing but reviews for the remainder. (goal is to clear up some apprentice items.
Day two, I do at least 15 lessons, of which 10 are vocab from last level (if I have that many) and 5 are the mix of vocab and kanji
Day three and on, is 15 lessons, Vocab from last level first, 5 new Kanji then 5 mixed. I do this until i’m out of old vocab then its all mixed from that point

I also keep 150ish apprentice items at any one time so if I go below that I get a bit of a break


Use the reorder script to a limited extent. Do all of your radicals first, then over the next four days space out Vocab and Kanji lessons without the reorder script. You then have the four days after that to learn the INC Kanji following your now Guru’d radicals. Do those immediately, then return to spacing out the vocab.

Or just do what I do and blitz 120 lessons failing everything over and over again, spiking up and down in motivation more than a hormonal teenager going through highscool.

On second thought, don’t do that.

Also if you do use the reorder script don’t be one of those guys who’s like “hurrdurr I have 600 vocab lessons to do lmao only kanji and radicals matter bro” cause you’re just shooting yourself from the foot to the lower thigh. And you’re the one paying for the bullets.


Got a link to this reorder script?

I don’t use it myself so I’m not sure if this is the most up-to-date with all the bells and whistles but it looks like the one.

If I’m wrong someone correct please.

Anyone have anything more than “this works for me” to justify that learning with a reorder script is more effective than the standard selection process in WK?

@Kyuui13 do you keep your vocab pretty stable, or is it growing bigger each day because you’re doing 2:1 vocab:kanji ratio?

For maybe the first 20-25 levels I used to do all the new lessons as soon as I hit a new level - but I’d get swamped by reviews, because they all come at once. Now I do typically 20-25 lessons a day. I use the re-order script, doing radicals first, and all the kanji within the first two days. I look at the total vocab lessons for the level, and spread those out throughout the rest of the level.

I usually do my lessons 5-10 at a time, 3 times a day (morning, lunch and night). I also do reviews 3-4 times a days. It definitely helps spread out the reviews so you’re not swamped with 300 reviews at a time.

It’s factually more effective in terms of the time taken to process all radicals, and then incredibly useful for spacing out the 30 new kanji you’ll have to learn in addition to the radicals. You can intentionally select 7 kanji to learn each day. To do the same with the standard 60 - 100 lessons upon level up, you’d need to get through at least 90% of your lessons in a single day, or split them over the next 4 days potentially delaying your radical progress, subsequently delaying your kanji process ultimately resulting in a delayed level.

It’s better for your memory as you’re spacing items out instead of trying to remember 120 things at once, so you will at the very least noticeably remember the kanji better.

The truth is you’ll forget it no matter what you do, but fuck it that’s part of the process.

I just know I’d cheat to all hell and never get my vocab done lmao.

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I use that exact script. I wouldn’t say its “more effective” in as much as its “more organized” My apprentice pile is fairly stable. Once I get the old vocab cleared out its rock solid, the " mixed generally will give me a 3/2 2/3 per five lessons (vocab/Kanji) so I will make sure over ten lessons I get at least 5 of each and the last 5 i just take what I get. I’m lucky that I’m retired so I can review whenever, I have 2 “times” I will review and during the day I generally do them when I can. so my review count doesn’t get crazy, the most I get in the mornings are around 100