Level up in 18.5 days. Am i going too slow?

As others here have mentioned, there is no ideal speed at which you should be going. Focusing on your accuracy is a lot more important. If you did want to go faster, there are of course tips you could follow but speed just isn’t the most important factor here.

You might want to check some of the Level 60 celebration posts to give yourself an idea of what other people are doing and how they manage their time. There are of course on there some very speedy users but there are also a few who (including myself) took many years to complete WaniKani. At the end of the day, all of our circumstances are different and we should try not to compare ourselves to others too much.

One thing I am curious about though here is that you mention being on level 3 but when I check your account I have you as level 2 with lessons remaining. Is your WaniKani username different to the forum one? I am just asking in case there is a bug we need to fix.


i’m actually quite slow with wanikani and i must admit my typical level up thing used to be 30 days and i calculated from that that it would take ages to level up like that. the thing is, i’m so scared of doing lessons because i really have to focus. for 5 items it takes about 15 minutes. im tryna lower that number of days more and i’ve successfully made it to 23 days and a half. just gotta keep doing my kanji lessons.

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Oh boy… I didn’t realize this, I thought being at lvl 12 things now started to settle down a little bit… but my workload will be double at lvl 20, yikes!

Of course you can slow down your pace to reduce the workload (hence why some people at lv 30-40 are doing 1 level per month).


Wait? this is public and can be seen by anyone? Holy that’s awesome :joy:

One thing I am curious about though here is that you mention being on level 3 but when I check your account I have you as level 2 with lessons remaining. Is your WaniKani username different to the forum one? I am just asking in case there is a bug we need to fix.

@TofuguNico They posted a screenshot with 0 lessons remaining and it says 28/28 for level 3 progress, which is odd because usually it just levels you up and goes straight to 0/0 for level 4 progress, no?

I would assume that because they’re 28/28 for level 3 it means they have now unlocked the vocab for all of those Kanji, which might be why there are lessons showing.

Lots of oddness, I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that it says they’re a free member.

Yes but I thought doing a level per 8 days was quite doable so far, trying to keep that tempo as long as I can - I just didn’t realize I will soon have to do double the amount of work to keep up.
If it becomes too much I’ll slow down indeed. Don’t want to burn out :slight_smile:

yes my username for Wani Kani is japaneseaddict, while my username for forums is oliverdes


dang /: … thank you im 13 so I need to learn this stuff lol

I’m fairly sure that isn’t physically possible no matter how much you speed up - assuming the fastest possible time to level up is 7 days (I don’t actually know the fastest time possible, but I know it is somewhere close to 7 days).

If you are level 3 now, and you want to get to level 30, that’s 27 levels. 27 levels, at a pace of 7 days each, would take 189 days, which is over 6 months, whereas august is less than 3 months away.

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How long do you take to level? If it’s variable, it might. I took an unusually long level 12 (33 days) in order to halve my Apprentice count, which is a major factor in how intense things are.

That’s great, but you might want to use your real WK account if you decide to pay for this: there are forum groups only visible to certain level users! For example, it might be more beneficial to see the Painful (11-20) group in those levels so you can chat with others in a similar WK situation.

(Also, only level 60 accounts can post in the Level 60 Celebration category…)

So far around 7.5 days per level, but for level 11 I took a day extra because I wanted to clear my apprentice pile a bit first. Trying to keep that around 100 indeed.

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for me it did become way more difficult, because most of the vocab I didnt see before (which is great, because I can increase my vocabulary) but they didnt stick to my mind because they are related to situations I dont see usually in news articles or entertainment media.

But of course I will memorize them eventually and surpass this stage. I am at 27/33 kanji to go to lvl 41 and get out of hell :grin:


haha good luck!

i think ill be fine, I don’t even want to use forums too much, as I know it will start to get addicting. I would prefer to spend that time studying Japanese. thanks for your concern

You do you, but rest assured you’ll find something else to replace your time if not the forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would say be careful with your accuracy and how many items you have at apprentice level. If you’re getting things wrong a lot your apprentice items can go through the roof and before you know it you’re on 250+ reviews a day. And that really isn’t fun.

As an experiment I tried to rush through a few levels and I did them in 7-10 days each. But I paid a heavy price afterwards. Now I’m taking my time and never letting my apprentice get over 125. It’s an arbitrary number but it seems to be keeping my reviews down to the 180 or lower level.

It’s now taking me 20-30 days per level and I don’t mind. This is just a hobby and I have many other commitments.


paradise is worse? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey I’m sorry this isn’t a helpful response, and probably in the wrong forum, but I’m not sure how you were able to get that information. Can I ask how you were able to see your stats?

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Just generate an API token from your menu bar

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