Level up banner 403

I happened to level up just a few hours after the announcement of the level up alert

On the home page where that should be, it just shows the alt text “Level up banner” in its place because the page is apparently returning a 403

When I opened https://assets.wanikani.com/level_up_image.svg in a separate tab, the result was

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look when the team is back online. What browser/device are you using and is it happening on different browsers as well? Any browser extensions you’re using?


Chrome 114.0.5735.134 on Windows 10.

Just checked and it’s working on Chrome on my Android phone, though that uses a different URL (no ‘assets’ subdomain): https://wanikani.com/level_up_image.svg

Extensions: Ublock Origin, and Tampermonkey for a couple WK userscripts, that’s about all.

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Thanks for the info. Could you try it on another browser without any extensions?

Yep, it’s the same on Edge with no extensions

Thanks, I’ve downloaded your IP address and am hacking your mainframe now. If you give me $500 in Apple Store giftcards I can make all your troubles go away! /s


Same thing happened to me. So much for seeing the banner

Same thing here on firefox

A fix has been put out for this, so you should be able to see the banner now. Let us know if the issue remains.


Yep, it works.


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