Level 7- so much death

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between shi and shibou. both mean death, both are nouns, and used pretty much the same way in the example sentences. Is there some other difference that I am missing, or is it just a preference/dialect difference?
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Jukugo are fancier.
That’s… that’s mostly it, from my expetience with words in general, not just those. Jukugo look good in writing and in the news.

死亡 is a more neutral word, one you’ll frequently hear in news and whatnot.

死 is more literary, poetic, used for metaphors etc. It’s more like the concept of death, than “a death” from what I can tell.

Often single kanji words are more common in everyday language, but I don’t think that holds here.

Here’s a thesaurus entry for common ways to talk about death.


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there’s no real difference, leebo’s right in his reply.
nothing more to it really.

it’s one of the more meh cases.


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