Level 60 - Never thought I’d make it but here we are :)

Level 60 festival :partying_face:


Yup that’s the one.

Thanks so much. Honestly, your guide provided such a great understanding of how it all works and that’s how I was able to keep going with a sustainable pace.

I even spent some time adjusting lesson and apprentice count around levels 35-40 as things got harder.

Such a great resource.

Screen time on IOS. It’s pretty cool actually but it only works for me since I’m exclusively doing WK on mobile.

First thing was to take a break and only do one review session yesterday. :joy:

I’ll still finish out the level and I’ll probably keep the 3/day schedule until I get apprentice down. I might also hit the leech trainer since I finally installed some scripts.

But now I can devote the time more towards reading and watching. I still watch with English subs but I’ve found that I’m ignoring them more and more.

And I’ve been really happy with the LN I’m reading. It’s difficult in a different way since the MC talks like a regular dude with idioms and asides that are tough to parse.

So yeah, feels like I just finish the tutorial level and now I can leave the starter town. :joy:

Woohoo :raised_hands: I’ll see you when you get there. :smiley:

Funniest thing about making this post was the forum warning that this was similar to other topics already posted. Hehe


Funny enough last time i said "i have got long way to go " i was (i think) level 20 ish.
Now i am almost 40 still feel the same XD

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Congratulations on reaching Level 60!

Though I enjoyed the entirety of your post (specifically the resources, thank you for those) this was my absolute most favorite part. Final Fantasy 6 is my all time favorite game and I’ve always wanted to be able to play it in Japanese. Now I know EXACTLY how I’m going to celebrate when I get to Level 60.


big congrats!
family of 5 here, well 7 really…

i think i’m on a similar path for WK but i need to do more on the side.

well done, enjoy your cake and family and more japanese!

i will never not ever give up on WK!

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Awesome! :smiley:

One thing that really helped even before I finished WK was this site that had every piece of dialogue translated:


I would play through for a bit and then check back on the site and see how well I understood things or what nuances I missed.

Haha yeah, having a supportive family helped although the bulk of reviews and lessons was done on break at work.

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You are now part of the big pimps league who know all the WK kanji and can praise the crabigator in full 4k hd on it’s shrine. おめでとう :rofl:

I wish someday, I can attain this higher realm of existence, but not yet. Gimme a year and I’ll be done. :sunglasses:

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That site is fantastic. Although I’ve played the game so many times I’ve inadvertently memorized a good chunk of the script. When I first played I even wrote out the entire opera script to help me remember which lines Celes needed to say.

I’ve read bits and pieces of it. Have you played the Brave New World version?

They did all kinds of gameplay hacks to change the difficulty and make each character more unique. They also aimed to do a bit of retranslating because they wanted the dialog to seem more colloquial (but I don’t think they succeeded very well here, mostly because I’m a fan of the original script and didn’t like all the f-bombs they added).

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Haha that’s awesome. I know the story well enough to play through if I had to, but at that point I was really looking to see how well my understanding matched. Plus it’s kind of cool to see how they would say certain things with the official translation.

I have. :smiley:

It was great, although I’d agree about the dialogue. It lost some of the charm of the original. I did like the rebalancing and what they did with the espers.

Although you may want to delete the link to avoid running afoul of forum rules. :wink:

Haha I wish. But I’m getting there. :wink:

I’ll look out for your 60 post next year. :smiley::+1:

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Oops thanks for the headsup on that. I don’t really spend a lot of time on the forums so I definitely didn’t know about that rule. Mostly I just read the weekly forum “digest” and spend the rest of my time on the site just lessons and reviews. (And looking for plugins sometimes.) I can’t believe I’m level 23 already.

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I probably spend too much time on here. lol

This is the place I go after reviews to unwind.

Great job getting that far. Feels pretty cool, yeah? :smiley:

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Especially when I’m watching anime and can read stuff in the opening credits or there are signs or writing in the show that I can read. The nice thing for me is that I already had a considerable vocabulary so now it’s like OH THAT’S how that word looks! (Looking at YOU 正義!)


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