Level 60 is not the end?

Actually, I continued to study more Kanji outside WaniKani which includes Joyo, N1 list, some common Jinmeiyo and other common Kanji outside those lists. It is around 20 levels.

Done in Anki, I don’t plan to burn those things, though. Initial recognition only.

At least, I don’t have to do 300+ reviews per day. (Currently around 100 per day.) So, I have a plenty of time to study grammar. Still, I am better at study vocab along with new Kanji; better than studying grammar. That’s why I continue to study new Kanji.

I might plan to resurrect lower level burns, for Vocab, to ensure that I understand the meaning of the vocab well, beyond English interpretation. You see, when I understand more grammar, the sense of vocab usage should be deeper.

Whether I should resurrect Kanji, I am not sure. But there is indeed a deeper meaning of Kanji, that is, Japanese meaning – Kanji meaning (not in English)

After some time, I wonder if I should get a 4-month interval for stuff outside WaniKani, that is, Burning. It can be hard to do in Anki. Maybe I should try Houhou 1.2 - Dictionary and SRS application for Windows?

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