Level 60 in more than 350 days :D

After shitposting through the forums I finally reached Level 60 in 483 Days! It may not be as quick as others but I still think I got through as quickly as I realistically could.

I’m a student from Germany and quite a weeb, so I tried to learn Japanese. I first learned hiragana+katakana through tofugu, then wasted 3 months on finding the perfect schedule and resource. In the end I settled on genki and decided to learn kanji through Wanikani! Together with my business degree and everything else it got quite difficult sometimes…

In the end I only focused on Kanji and finished genki 1 and 2, so I am the prime example for someone who knows 2000 Kanji yet cant say basic phrases x) I’m going to focus on this next. I’m only 19 so I got some time heh.

I mainly got through by having complaining everytime I was tired in the forums^^ Thank you to everyone who listened to me whenever I was upset, in the end it was worth it. If only for the shiny level 60 badge o.o




I may have done this post:
but I still abused that ignore button like no other. I probably shouldnt have, but in the end I needed to finish my review batches in less than 40 min or I would get too tired. Because of that I

Duration on Levels


  • First hump was because I had no idea what to do
  • Second hump was because of winter vacation
  • Third hump was because of second winter vacation
  • Fourth hump was because of Japan vacation

In general I tried to do my reviews every. single. day. and took it quite fast with 24 lessons (8 Kanji and 16 Vocab) a day. I was on yearly and am now on monthly subscription, so I wanted to get my moneys worth :eyes: I couldnt handle fast speed (3d10h) together with school so I went for 6 days per level from level 48+ I didnt have a perfect schedule so levels were slightly deviating between each other.

Items per Day


I recommend the Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition and Lighting mode the most!

Thank you @MissMisc and @jprspereira for everything! Now it is time to post a Kurisu gif myself :smiley:



That 406 day streak tho


From The first Winter Vacation until the start of my Japan Vacation I think :slight_smile:

I even did Reviews in the mountains of austria haha. Btw I’m pretty sure you were level 42 when I started aswell :thinking:


I reached 42 on 23rd of July 2018
When you started on 24th of November 2017 I would have been 32

Don’t worry though, I’ll be 60 by July this year


Congratulations!! :tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball:


You beat me to it! :joy_cat:

Anytime, so proud to see you with that golden badge, it looks good on you :grin: welcome to 60, you did iiiiiit!! :star_struck:


Enjoy the cake! :cake::durtle_the_explorer:


It actually feels really unfamiliar, I’m so used to my blue hue x) I think it used to compliment my sprite can more


You’re 19, have at least a passing knowledge of several languages and are a world traveler? I am highly impressed and savagely jealous. Way to be crushing this life thing!


Ikr. I remember @Alan234’s posts about doing a bunch of reviews in one go at the end of the day… and hey, guess what? Alan finally got to level 60!!! :tada::tada:

Congratulations! :heart: You had a very solid journey :grin: Any plans for what’s next?


Actually learning Japanese I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Still got to finish some genki 2 chapters and I really need to get into the habit of speaking more. Also I have to start learning french for university so japanese might get tough :thinking:


Congrats dude, that’s a pretty solid journey !

Learning French for university eh? It should be easier than Japanese, I might be biased being french, but it’s pretty similar to english in some terms, you could make full sentences in french, and just switch accent, replace the articles, maybe switch 2 words, and it’s translated lol (weirly enough that doesn’t always work though)


Yeah I had french for 3 years in School and 1 Year of self study before I took a break for WK.

I just gotta start practicing and getting comfortable with the language and repeat all the conjugations for the other times (I also forgot everything about subjonctif and the like :D)

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Imparfait present and futur are nice… lol I looked up subjonctif, looked at a few other conjugations, conjonctions de coordinations, and got a headache, it reminded me of school a few years ago, I know all those things, and I really take them for granted and am happy I don’t have to learn it :laughing:
Did you learn stupid times like the one where “il pu” doesn’t mean he stinks, but is some weird form of the verb “pouvoir” in some whathever it’s called past that nobody uses ?

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Passé simple: il put
Subjonctif imparfait: il pût
I googled


I even forgot the “t” at the end lol, my brain actually remembered a few things (at least I think) reading that, I think the passé composé is what we usually use: il a pu, though I’m pretty sure it translates to the same thing in english (he could), it’s just more polite and used in books I think

and subjontif imparfait is indeed that stupid time, I remember the oh god what’s english word for it… the hat… on the “u”
oh god knowledge came back to me I remember: nous pûmes, anyway nobody says that lol

why am I talking about french grammar on a japanese website

Actually I looked, since I wanted to for some reason, and the weird time is Indicatif passé simple, subjonctif imparfait is “qu’il pût” which is pretty different, though


Congrats! I’m jealous, I thought I’d be going through at a super quick pace, but I started in April of last year and I’m only level 14 lol. Gonna take me a while to get to 60. I carefully read all the vocabulary example sentences though and try to understand them, so that slows me down quite a bit, but I think it’s worth it for the greater goal of learning Japanese overall.

Also, love the Steins;Gate gif! One of my all time favorite shows.

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It’s been exactly a year for me, so 1 level per month :grinning:


Slow progress is better than no progress at all! We all move at our own pace. All that matters is that we don’t give up.


Woohoo! I like that! ^^


I’m only 5 so I can play a lot!


Where’s the items per day statistic from?