Level 60. How Long Did it Take YOU?

Have you taken breaks or reset during those two years?

https://community.wanikani.com/t/how-long-to-level-60/12610?source_topic_id=19674 https://community.wanikani.com/t/how-long-did-it-take-you-to-get-to-your-current-level/14032/3?source_topic_id=19674

Seems like there’s no end to them o_o

Some accidental breaks. Some purposeful slowdowns, in order to not have another 6-8 month accidental break.

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I thought I’d seen a similar thread in recent memory. However neither of those came up when I searched… with 2 different sets of parameters (and literally pieces of those titles of threads! I blame Discourse! Stupid Discourse…)…

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Those were only a small sample. So many of them it’s mind boggling :stuck_out_tongue: It would be hard to think none of them were suggested in that blue box when you make your thread title.

AH! Here’s the one I was thinking of, @Visceral.

Your “current level” one was the tip off.

I guess it makes sense that it would be a FAQ though. It’s a question that seems instinctive for new people to ask.

it is indeed a FAQ, that is why it’s included in the WK FAQ :stuck_out_tongue: But since there are so many existing threads easily visible…

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I actually finished last month- 2 months early. You’re almost there, really. Keeping a consistent pace was the most I ever did- and doing the bulk of the lessons and reviews that were available at once, sometimes throughout the day. (Definitely wouldn’t have completed them as quickly if I had started now with a full-time job instead of in the middle of university.)


I’m just amazed how you guys get to survive the lvls 40s with that pace. I’m completing my first 1/4 of WK soon (98 days into it), but I kinda doubt that I’ll be able to do those levels in 4 days. 5 days seems better, but still x)

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I know I’m easily the lowest level here, but I’ve been doing WaniKani for almost exactly 3 months. I’ve had a couple instances of a few days where I didn’t do my reviews as often as usual (once for a conference, and once most recently in hurricane Harvey) that threw my level up progress off. I’m currently sitting at 9d6h level average, which would put me at level 60 in 1 year and 2 months from now, just under 1.5 years from when I started. It’s all about consistency. I’m hoping to keep my pace up and even improve it here soon, as my work just started back up and knocked me down to 1 review session a day. My advice is to find other sources to use for learning as well, such as Duolingo and Pimsleur. The more sources you learn from, the more comprehensive your understanding of Japanese will be.

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around one year and 110 days.

didnt do any reviews during my Japan trip, and forgot to turn on vacation mode, that set me back nearly a month.

also, I didn’t want to up my study time after level 46, so I maintained a 5-6 day level up pace instead of the 3.5 day fastest pace


I don’t even remember when I hit level 60, much less how long it took.


Now for those of you who hit level 60 and have given the amount of time. Is this just hitting level 60 and guru’ing all the radicals and kanji? Or is this your time frame from burning every item?

I’m running on 7 months in this program (I took an accidental 2 month break though whoops) and I’m amazed at how fast you all worked to finish up in a little over a year. Kudos to all of you!

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Hitting lvl 60. Definitely not burning every item :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m at Level 33. It has taken me about 1 year. I have slowed down significantly. Still do about 200 reviews a day, but only do new lessons when I have time. I used finish a new level every 4 days. Now I take 2 weeks becauseI keep forgetting the kanji learned after level 20 so the reviews take longer. However, I feel like I have mastered the kanji I “burn”. Since I am just doing this for “fun”, not work or school I’m okay with the pace… I’ll eventually finish. Maybe I will go back to Japan to visit again in a year or two.

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I don’t understand did you reset your account or is that different account, how did you get to level 60 if it says you are level 09

He reset.

Also, I like your profile picture.


thanks but Why do people reset their account?

In some cases to review, in other cases to prove a point. Sometimes both.