Level 38 and ready to give up

My apprentice count has only dipped below 100 twice since April. And it’s definitely not going to with the fast levels. (The fast levels all have more than 100 items each, so that would be a literal impossibility even with perfect accuracy)

Anyway, I definitely expect my review load to get worse over time. But it remains to be seen how bad it will get. I think I’ll be able to manage it though.

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It is a blunt and dangerous tool, but have you tried the userscript “Anki Mode”? It makes reviewing a lot faster, but you can accidently progress things you are having trouble with if you are not paying attention. If you have an Android there is an app called Flaming Durtles that has this plug unlockable under advanced options.

You sound like myself when I started. It is a really long and hard road. I visited Japan with a friend with no Japanese skills and was like “wow, this is great, Im coming back next year a Japanese speaking master”. Ran through wanikani while self studying through text books. When I got back to Japan after a year of sprinting and trying hard it was a rude awakening. Just saying, maybe I am stupid.

Edit: I was decent with Kanji from Wanikani, but only when it was perfectly printed. Which from what I remember it was not usually besides transportation and the like. I remember being crushed by the amount of cursive kanji, or where they use some cute font, and just being like “wtfmate”.

I’m really sorry you’re feeling this way but… how about just slowing down rather than give up all your progress? There’s literally no reason you need to finish in a year, especially since your trip to Japan has been postponed (it’s not like you need level 60 to have a fantastic time in Japan, but I do get this was a motivating goal for you). Give yourself a few weeks of no new lessons to get reviews to a manageable level, or tack an extra 6 months onto your original goal so that you don’t completely burn out.

Spending all your time on WK, something that you say makes you want to give up, is doing you and your language learning no favors. It sucks to be burnt out, but you need to adjust your strategy and goals ASAP into something that actually works for you if you want to avoid giving up all together. Even if you don’t reduce your overall study hours, if you spend more time engaging with material that is fun for you and less on reviews, you’ll get the positive feedback for the progress you’ve already made and reinforce what you’ve learned so far!

Good luck, OP. I hope you go easy on yourself for awhile and can adjust your strategy. You can do it!


Me too! There’s a lot of “I know that kanji, but I don’t know that kanji” when I get outside the context of WK. A “randomize the font” userscript on WK would be useful, but would probably just make me pound my head on my desk more than I already do.

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Hang in there! You can do it! Just be careful not to burn out too much that you quit the language all together! Do you plan on burning every item or just quit once you hit 60?

There’s a script for that! And it lets you hover over the kanji/vocab if you can’t read it and change back to normal font.


You’ve practically burnt yourself out by going full speed for a long time. It’s no fun anymore because it feels like a chore.

You are just overwhelmed. You’ve not noticed where your boundaries lay and you’ve pushed and pushed yourself to exhaustion. Nothing, or, well, hardly anything is enjoyable when it slowly transitions into a chore. You end up having no drive or passion for the topic you once loved.

You loved it and it was real. You still do because you are upset over the idea of quitting. It hurts you a lot to even have written that I’m sure.

slow down ともだち!.

Pace yourself. Loving something isn’t about sacrificing yourself for it.

Re-configure. Take a step back, maybe write down all your frustrations, play a game of tennis, eat your favourite cheese, make a scarf, grow a flower, eat 75% coco instead of 45% milk chocolate, whatever hobby, food, thing you like - do it and take a rain-check.

Leaving it alone for a while to decompress might just be the recipe. Come back when you are ready and start slowly, as slowly as you need. I mean look at sloths - they’re super slow but I’ll be damned if I’ve much seen a less happier animal.

From: someone who knows exxxaaaactly what it’s like to wind herself up to exhaustion. Many, many, so many years of experience. I empathise wholeheartedly.


I’m planning to keep going and burn as many items as I can before my subscription ends (around Jan 16th, IIRC).

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Man, learning is not a speedrun.
You have to take your time.
Even if some of your level can take 10 days or a month, you should not take care about numbers.
What is really important is that you remember those kanji and that you learn and keep those kanjis in your heads.

Numbers are just … numbers


I think your motivation is all wrong. You’re going through WaniKani for speed rather than for enjoyment. Just slow down and go at pace where you can actually have fun learning. I started over two years ago and I’m only level 32. Is this as far as I’d like to be right now? No, but I can honestly say that there’s not a single point I haven’t enjoyed learning Japanese here through all this time.


I’m quite certain the font randomizer script would drive me straight to the madhouse.


First of all, congratulations on making it to Level 39 :slightly_smiling_face: It takes a lot of perseverance to reach that level and give yourself credit where it is due :raised_hands:t2:

You don’t HAVE to go that fast. You don’t HAVE to do those reviews. I understand your motivation and breaking a streak, I have faced it multiple times as well and I can relate to your pain. I understand that your pride is tied to identity of a fast run. It’s not a defeat if you go a little slower than usual, you are adjusting to the circumstances. Now, no one else can decide the right path or decision for you. What matters the most for you? Going at the highest speed even if it means not reaching your goal or reaching your goal even if you go a little slower? That’s something you need to decide for yourself. Think of why you started WaniKani, what is the end goal?

You don’t have to dedicate more time to Japanese. You can chose the most important one and stick with it until you feel better. Everyone has days when they feel like quitting, that just shows how strong you are to persevere thus far. :clap:

I sincerely hope you plan to continue I_| san :crossed_fingers:and whatever decision you take, we will be here to support you :fist:

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Haha, me too. I keep trying to use it, and I keep almost throwing my laptop out the window at the same time. Interesting how coincidences happen.

Update: I completed my first fast level last night without incident. I got to see the image for 100+ lessons available for the first time. I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future. 9.5 weeks to go!


Congrats I_I san :metal:

Great going :clap:

Best of luck, I’m on level 43 and keep increasing my time by making 1 mistake :triumph: Level starts with exactly the amount of kanji needed to pass, so I don’t get any leeway. The answer override button is a big temptation

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Yeah, you have to be really careful with the kanji reviews on the fast levels, especially the initial ones. Even if I’m confident in the answer, I usually pause for a second when doing the level reviews, just to reduce the risk of stupid mistakes. So far I’ve made it to level 45 at full speed despite not using an override script.

Starting around level 40, I’ve been using a modified version of Bish Bash Bosh to do extra practice of new apprentice kanji to help reinforce them. I don’t think there’s any way I could make it through the fast levels if I was literally just looking at the kanji once during the lesson and then hoping to remember them perfectly four hours later. I’ve found that it usually takes two or three reviews to remember them reliably.

Another tip is to be careful with when you do and don’t do reviews in order to minimize the number of non-level related reviews that come up at the same time your new level kanji reviews do. For example, if you plan to do your level reviews on Wednesday at 8pm, avoid doing reviews at 9pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in order to minimize the amount of extra reviews that will come up at that time.

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Generally I’m pretty much an idiot so I’m kind of bound to make a bunch of mistakes anyway. WK mnemonics never seem to stick for me so I have to come up with my own for all the Kanji, which I may or may not be able to do… I try not to review kanji between the SRS reviews on WK since Tofugu advises against it, since I think it’s bad for the SRS and will negatively impact retention.

And on my computer I don’t have any kind of reorder script to get apprentice reviews first or get related reviews back to back, again apparently bad for SRS, but on my phone I have that switched on. I usually do my reviews on the computer but when there are are Kanji reviews for this level I’ll do them first on the phone, then go to the computer to do the rest.

I’m hoping to decrease my level time next level by not being quite so unintelligent lol

I don’t reorder reviews at all either. Also, I disagree about the doing extra reviews outside SRS thing. If you think about it, you’re doing that all the time anyway. WK gives you a lot of similar words, and I’ve often had an old word I’d forgotten come up for review where I was able to get it right due to the review for a similar word or the kanji or whatever coming up just before (that I missed, but learned the right answer from) or vice versa.

Anyway, Bish Bash Once is only for reviewing apprentice and guru leeches, so it doesn’t impact the higher SRS levels at all anyway. It’s mostly just to help reinforce newly unlocked lessons.


Reviews are definitely starting to pile up, but I’ll manage. Nine weeks to go!