Level 21 before 2021!

I would also like to join in on this! I used Wanikani a few years ago and burned out around level 12?? but now I feel a lot more motivated to try learning Japanese again! がんばります!


Welcome! You can do it!


Thank you.

the meaning and definition are both tied to the kanji. I have to remember or associate that 九 equals nine, きゅう。ここの or く。 Also in this case the numbers are ordered 1-9 in the palace. The benefits come when I remember one of the four things 九 is associated with, I probably will remember all four.

What happens when I can’t remember any of the things a kanji is associated with? I pretty much have to go through the memory palace until I locate the item.

As of right now, 九 is pretty solid in my mind. so whenever I see it, my mind goes straight to the palace location where it is. I don’t have to go through a walk around the palace.


Epic Maiki!

How is it handling learning two language at once? Honestly Chinese seems challenging since different tones imply different meanings. I would love to add Mandarin After I master Japanese whenever I get there.

What kind of anime do you watch?!?! I think one of the best ones is Code Geass. My journey started like 15 years ago with Naruto.

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congrats @victor866 on your level up!!! :slight_smile:


Learning Chinese and Japanese isn’t much harder, because they kind of teach each other. The kanji have similar readings and similar meanings to the characters, which helps with memorization. But tones are SOOOOO confusing.
This poem is only “shi” with different tones when spoken in Mandarin.

I watch pretty random animes. My favorites are Cells at Work and Assassination Classroom. Right now I’m watching Haikyu. I watched a few episodes of Naruto, but it wasn’t my favorite. I might rewatch it soon though.

Best of luck for WaniKani! I know I’m only level 4, but just keep doing your reviews. They will pile up if you leave them, so try to visit at least 3 times a day. If you haven’t already, read The Ultimate Guide to WaniKani. (・∀・)

幸運を! -マイキー

PS: マイキー(Maiki) is my personal Japanese name, made with sounds in the language. It is based on my nickname, Mikey.


WOW just saw 4 different videos to see how they read the poem. Like you said tones must be very confusing.

Epic nickname translation. I actually was thinking about this the other day. Gaby is a common nickname for Gabriel in Spanish. and we can change to Gabi and we cna use the sounds がび . I just thought it was so cool haha.

So you choose Japanese because of anime. Why did you choose Chinese?


Hello! I’d like to join as well \(⌒▽⌒)

I joined WaniKani a week ago and am really motivated so far. I’m hoping that motivation won’t fade but having some study buddy friends will definitely help in times when it does.

I’m mostly learning Japanese because I want to feel more connected to the culture (I’m half-Japanese). I’m kicking myself for it now, but I resisted learning Japanese when I was a child - didn’t want to “stand out”. Now I’m furiously trying make up for it by studying as an adult.

My goal is to be able to speak with my mum in her native language. She’s not fluent in English and sometimes it’s difficult to communicate more abstract concepts, so having Japanese as another option to express ideas would be really freeing. I know I’m not going to achieve that goal any time soon but the journey is just as important and I’m enjoying it so far!

What’s everyone else’s goals?


Welcome to WK!

This is ambitious for someone who’s been studying for less than a year, but I might like to get a job in Japan someday.


Great nickname! Do you write it in hiragana or katakana?

When I was choosing a language in my school (it offers 3 languages: Spanish, French and Chinese. You have to take one of them) I was thinking “What is the closest to Japanese?” Back then I planned to wait till I was done with school before starting Japanese, but I changed my mind later, a year after I had chosen. So basically I chose Chinese because of anime as well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Do you mean me personally? Or is there a rule for which kana you’re supposed to use? Excuse my ignorance, just curious hehe.


It really comes down to personal opinion, but most foreign names are written in katakana when in Japanese.


I’m with you the adventure is what makes the goal worthwhile.

My goal is to get to native level mastery. I want to open up my opportunities.


aaaahh. Tradition seem like the way to go but personally I think I prefer the curvy look of hiragana. ahahahha

BTW JUST reached level 2!!!


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: YES! They say you only get the cake at level 60 but I think it’s okay to take a bite anyway!!


hahahahaha. Agree.


Thank you for suggesting Cure Dolly’s videos on youtube. I like the philosophy of the teaching method.


Thank you!

That’s cool, any particular job? Or would you just be happy living and working in Japan?

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Good luck in your adventure! What kind of opportunities do you want to open up?

I’ve just started using Tsurukame! It’s really good for keeping me at it!