Level 21 before 2021!

It is possible, with user scripts.
I can not guide uoy to which one exactly though, I only using the android app (flaminmg durtles) that has that feature builtin.


It’s not gonna be the easiest, but hope you have a good run! Welcome!

@suishoo Welcome to you, too!


I’ve also joined the 1000 Enlightened items club! @KyokaJiro

I won’t get my first burns until October 17th though :fire:


Yay! Welcome to the club!

This script will help you:


I think this might be of great help to you:

This guide is featured like everywhere and it has everything to get you started. After that you rarely need to ask for things.


Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely check it out.

Thank you for sharing. Yes, that was one of the first posts I read! But it seems like I missed this userscript, so it must be one of those rare occasions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ahh, if your looking for specific userscripts in general, then check out this list:

After reading the guide, I went on there and skimmed through all scripts, opening the ones that sounded interesting to me in a new tab.

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Yeah, that’s what I did as well, but I think some of the descriptions didn’t strike me as interesting, or I just didn’t understand what they are. But it’s all good. I think I have the ones I need, at least for now.

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Hearty congratulations :tada: @tnetennba3


Level 11 was there and then it was gone again - didn’t leave any special impressions or scars. By now it’s really a routine, so stuff like that happens flips hair arrogantly.
A bit over halfway there, so that’s nice (and also not, if you look at it pessimistically).


Today was the first day I had to do more than 250 reviews. Well, I didn’t have to do them, of course… The amount of daily reviews is slowly rising but I hope it’ll taper off soon when I start burning stuff. Although I suspect that I’ve already forgotten a fair share of the earlier levels…


Made it to level 11 yesterday evening! Time to clear out the vocabulary backlog from the previous level before giving the new kanji a good lick.


Took about a month long break from Wani Kani to improve on grammar, listening, and speaking. It was insanely helpful for me! BUT, I forgot to put myself into vacation mode :sweat_smile:
So here I am, down a level (reset to 13) with 700 reviews awaiting me. I already did about 150 today and I am going to get back into regularly doing Kanji but at a MUCH slower pace.

If anyone wanted an update on what I did, I read through both Genki books and watched about 80 different grammar videos. I also recently began listening to some Japanese conversation podcasts as listening was evidently the weakest aspect of my Japanese learning.

At the beginning of the month I was able to speak in Japanese extremely slowly and I could only really say a couple things. At this point I am able to have a fairly comfortable conversation with my girlfriend in Japanese (although its not like we’re debating ethics or anything, I’m usually just telling her what I did and asking about her day) and I can generally explain to people what I want in Japan.

Although I still don’t know how to properly ask the コンビニ workers to not give me chopsticks. I have about a hundred pairs in my pantry so if anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.
side note: 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ) has been helpful but I feel like I am overusing it. eg - (ふくろ)大丈夫(だい)だよ and then レシート大丈夫(だい)and then (はし)大丈夫(だいじょうぶ) seems like a bit too much of the same.

Anyways, long story short; I’m back and I forget alot of the Kanji so I’m going much slower this time around.


So I know there is another Topic to celebrate this… but

I have burned my first 25 items!! I repeat I have started burning turtles!!!

This feels major and I am thanking you all again to keeping me on track this time around. You guys are awesome and very inspiring. どうもありがとう皆様


Yay!!! Keep those turtles burning!!!

@zEUs_japanese and @sagittarius18, congrats on your level ups!

And @Tedloukas, welcome back!

Onwards and upwards! There are 150 days left in the year. 10 levels at 15 days per level, 15 levels at 10 days per level, and at 7 days per level you can still make it even if you start from level 1 now. Hope to see everyone on level 21 before 2020 turns into 2021!


Hey all.
I’ve been lurking here for some time already. Not sure I can get to 21 before 2021 but I’ll try my best :smiley:

You all sound so nice and just reading you motivates me in doing my reviews everyday so I’ll just tag along and do my best ^^


Yes! Welcome!

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Awesome Tedloukas :tada: Glad to have you back. Have you tried JLPT Stories podcast? It is good for hearing practice.


We celebrate little wins. Celebrating those little wins acts as a wonderful reminder that we are making progress :smile: Since it is a long journey, having those little milestones gives our mind enough encouragement to move forward when things get difficult.

Hum along and have fun :raised_hands:t2: