Level 19 - Kanji number not showing correctly

Today I realized there’s a little problem with the Kanji count on this level. It says the level has 30 kanji when the correct number is 33. I think it’s only a problem in the Progress bar, if you click on the Level tab it shows the correct count.

Interestingly, this issue is also confusing the 3rd party app Smouldering durtles, I thought I would be leveling up 2 days ago because I was close to the 90% requirement (shown on the app’s progress bar too), but because the count is wrong in reality I was still below 90% so my schedule got a bit out of whack!

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That bar counts the number of kanji passed, and the number necessary to pass to level up, which is 90% of the kanji available for each respective level.

33 * 90% = 29.7 which round to 30.


Ohh, makes sense then! Thank you

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