Level 14 means 80 new lessons

not now not now not now just wait until tomorrow I promise

or else they won’t STICK


Please take your time. I find it important to have a more sturdy grasp of the kanji and vocabulary I learned, rather than learning them at a higher speed. Recently I even took a week long break from doing my lessons, to focus on some of my difficult leeches, which severely improved the amount of reviews I get every day. You also don’t have to do all the lessons at once; most people do batches of about 5-10 lessons every so often, to spread the kanji out and cement them better in their head.

If you still want to go as fast as possible without crashing at some point, be sure to read @jprspereira 's guide on how to do so in the best way possible.


I’ll probably end up doing 2 sets of lessons, part of it todsy and part of it, some othet day

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