Level 06 and I'm a convert!

I must admit, I was a bit dubious about WK to begin with and didn’t know if I’d be interested in keeping it up. But one thing I have noticed is it is really helping me be able to memorize and recall vocabulary. This is more apparent when doing KaniWani going from English to Japanese. As a visual learner I guess now when I am trying to think of a Japanese word I am able to picture the kanji compounds which make up the word and then recall the reading.

Now the majority of words in Japanese make sense. I find it easier going from English Word → Kanji (pictorially) → Japanese Word (kanji reading) then trying to recall the Japanese word.

Sure sometimes this produces errors like with 大 I still find myself mixing up たい・だい…


Yeah, that’s the one benefit of Kanji. With it, you are able to memorise way more vocabulary than anything that uses the Latin Alphabet, because whenever you try to translate a word, you already have a picture in your head of what Kanji and its respective reading will be used in your translation.

Before WaniKani I was one of those naive people on YouTube who thought that Japan should just adopt Hiragana and Spacings, but WaniKani really opened up my eyes to the importance of Kanji and its role in easily remembering vocabulary.


I feel the same! WaniKani is so good, it really sticks. I love the visuals, even if you have to make it up in your own mind from the stories, it just works!

LOL… I thought the same… Then I realized how difficult it is to read when everything is written in hiragana. Even with spaces it would have been a nightmare.

Thanks Japanese language gods for kanji :wink:

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