Let's see your Level Duration!


I limit my lessons per day to 10, so I’m on the slower side.
Level 4 had only 105 vocab items, and I see that level 15 coming up soon will have only 100 vocab, so I expect it to be a short level for me.


Did it in less than a year if you don’t count Level 1.


Mine always seems to long ehh. Keep in mind I do reviews multiple times daily. My accuracy is low with readings though. Im making process at least. Ill be taking a Japanese college class here soon and wanikani has already taught me lot of important kanji so I can focus more on grammar for the class.


Not so quick there youngling.


Teach me, sensei.


I’m not getting involved in the anatomy measuring contest, I’m pretty happy with my consistency and my accuracy is 99.23%. Squeezing it around work while working on grammar is enough and keeping it steady at around 10-15 lessons a day is keeping me from burning out.

Be not ashamed, fellow slow pokes!

Edit: maybe I’ll do a little anatomy measuring…