Let’s climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in autumn 2023

Thanks for the encouragement!

皆さん宜しくお願いいたします! :bowing_woman:


I am one of the original ones from this thread still not done yet…
I wonder what happened to those who were here.
I know kyokajiro(the veggiemunch) still lurk around sometimes. Idk about others like marifly :no_mouth:

Good ol’ days


does anyone know of any newer challenges like this one??? i want to try something more current lol


There is a 2023 thread but it’s not very active, I don’t find the emulation we got from @Marifly 21 and 60 threads :frowning:

edit: this one https://community.wanikani.com/t/wanikani-study-buddy-race-2023-all-aboard


I am still here :slight_smile:

Was a little busy with a visa application for my Japan trip. It was exhausting. I will be a little bit more active going forward.


Is that boku no hero reference👀

Enjoy the real skytree send us pictures🤣. (If u want ofc)



Nope. But, I missed it :joy:

Let me make it up with…


Will definitely do.

If I am diligent enough, I can speed run to complete Level 60 final kanji ON Tokyo SkyTree :wink:

(Also, still need to hear the final decision from embassy.)



秘密の技, スピード ラン の術
I will be “borrowing” that technique as well.


Would anyone be offended if I just changed the title. Is there really a reason not to at this point? like Let’s climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022Let’s climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in autumn 2023

Thoughts people?

@Marifly I might have remembered this wrongly, but you’re not active anymore, or are you? :eyes: Obviously, this is your thread and so, your opinion weighs the most for sure. I won’t do anything if you’re still around, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:


I like that idea. However if possible (if no one mind ofc ) we can put new leaderboard (old one one would still be there but in delisted group or seperate group) the reasoning for that is
1- it is alot to look at and kinda confusing
2- some either are inactive still in there or completely done with it
3- it would be more like a fresh start to new people or renewal for oldies like me.
You might argue why not start a new thread at that point. I would say because i feel this one is more iconic, also memories but most importantly that i don’t like to do that :wink:


There is a limit to stuff I can do. What I can do if @Marifly is truly gone from these forums is to change the thread title to a different one.

What I can’t do is to change the OP post itself. that requires Mod intervention. That can obviously also be done, and I’m sure they’re happy to help. But, before that: we, as a community, have to decide upon what to ask for. :eyes:

For example, it’s possible to transfer OP rights to someone else, that can then make the updates you suggested. We then need to decide who keeps this thread running.

There are multiple other options for sure. But just to give you some idea of the limits and possibilities we’re facing. :eyes:


I just checked, last day marifly was active on the forum was september last year. That kinda still active-ish. But haven’t seen him here in possibly (this thread) a year or so. I guess we have to settle for title change for now…
it’s fine, i am not sad :((


Personally it’s all the people that ganbaru’ed me in the 21 thread that are missing, that cause me sadness.
@ekg I’m all for your suggestion.


Would it be too forward to just do it then? :thinking:

It’s also possible to just revert the thread title to the old one if there are protests after the change, I guess. So, there really is little harm to be had. ^^

I’ll give it a try! :triumph:

Edit: the deed is done! ^^’


I don’t what I was thinking. I just assumed the whole table was in the second post. :woman_facepalming: But, that’s not the case. Which means, that the OP post of course already is a Wiki and anyone can edit it. :woman_facepalming: lol

Still, I think changing the title might be enough for now? :slight_smile:


Still can’t believe i am almost at the last 20% (^^)


Level 40! One more level in hell :open_mouth:


Okay I’m back, reset to level 1 and will try my best not to fall off this time!


Welcome back


Oh man I reset my entire WaniKani this new year (01/01/2023) since I didn’t do it at all over over 1.5 years. Got a new job, didn’t have time, 1000+ reviews piled up, and so I just passively let it go.

Was at lv21, now I’m at lv8. Will do this again! This time I will not make the same mistake of forcing myself to do it at full speed. I will take as long as I feel comfortable. No more setting alarm clock to wake up and do review. That really contribute to the burnout as well, along with the new job.

So yeah, this year’s new year resolution is to at least get to lv30, and maybe pass N4 exam.