Lessons marked wrong despite correct answer


I’ve been trying to do new lessons but they always mark the reading or meaning wrong. I know this has been brought up a couple of times but there doesn’t seem to be a solid solution. I read that you turn off the katakana text for on’yomi readings script but I don’t have that.

I’ve had this problem in the past and somehow it was solved but now it’s back to the same problem and I didn’t do anything different.

If a solution is to check whether the scripts are updated, how do I do that?

Please see photos of my problem and scripts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Reorder Ultimate is probably the issue. Try replacing it with Reorder Omega.


I think @Belthazar has the solution, but if you run into a problem again, the first step is to turn off all the scripts and see if the problem is still there. Then turn them on one by one until you get the problem again.

If you do the above, you only need to check the thread for the script that’s giving you problems rather than all of them. And then you’ll see whether other users have the same problem and whether the author published a new version.


That worked!! Thanks a lot!!

What I did:

I installed Reorder Omega, then turned off the Reorder Ultimate.
It worked, then tried it with both turned on, and it still worked.

Anyways, it worked!! Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks for the help, I’ll try that next time if I run into the same problem

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On a related note, why is it when i start my lessons and I proceed to quiz after going through the steps it refreshes so I have to restart the lesson. I noticed that happened more often ever since I downloaded the reorder omega.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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