Lesson page - Moving to Quiz is laggy

As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, the new lesson page seems laggy. More specifically when I navigate to the Lesson quiz.

I’ve prepared a video in which I press the “right” button at a constant speed. Before I navigate to the lesson quiz, there is significant delay (~1-2 seconds).

And before you ask, I don’t use any scripts and stuff.


Oh, that’s an interesting one. I also noticed that since the change to the new UI.

To add more details:
Also moving between lesson items feels quite slow and sluggish. Whenever I move, the UI snaps back to „Kanji Conposition“ (or „Radical Composition“, depending on the lesson item), but the page contents get updated with the new item only about 1 second later. Even the characters of the lesson item itself at the top just „plop“ into the scene. If I use my University VPN, then it felt even longer (but can recheck later). So I suppose that the data is fetched whenever you move between scenes (but not prefetched), hence the delay. Also confirmed that happening without scripts. Using Safari webbrowser.

It’s nothing dramatic, that’s why I didn’t bother asking in the forum yet I guess. Just a bit annoying.


I’ve noticed this too. It does take significantly longer to show the lesson quiz than a while ago, probably a couple seconds total now. I’m on iOS using Safari.


I thought this was regarding my really bad connection. I experience the same. It was not like this before the change. But before that change I also had a better internet connection :smiley:


Hey @peksan! Have you reached out to us about the issue in chat or at hello@wanikani.com? We’ve been having some latency issues lately with some of the products we work with to run WaniKani. It might not be related to that so if you could send us an email with your browser/OS information (and version), the video you embedded, and a short description of your issue, we can try to troubleshoot or report the issue as a bug!

Please mention that you don’t use scripts either and please mention any browser plug-ins you use.

Let us know!

-Nick at WK

Hey @WaniConti, I haven’t reached out via chat/email, but why do I need to describe the issue again? Can’t you simply forward this thread to your colleagues?

I’m using uBlock, but I was able to reproduce this on a browser without extensions.

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Hey peksan! No worries, I realized after messaging that you actually don’t need to describe your issue again, but could you send us an email at hello@wanikani.com linking this WK forum page and also provide your browser/OS (and version) information?

The reason I ask is that it is potentially easier for both us of to continue the conversation via email where we can troubleshoot one on one. We also have better access to our internal tools, so if there is a bug, we can attach the ticket to your email and ask you further questions if we get notified by the engineering team, which we cannot do on the forum.

The reason is ultimately internal facing, but it typically makes the staff and user experience better.

-Nick at WK

Hey Nick. Alright, got it. Will email you now.

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