WK lagging during lessons?

Has anyone else noticed WK lagging during lessons recently? When I input an answer during a lesson, it used to be instantaneous, but now it freezes for a moment before submitting, which is quite annoying. I don’t remember exactly when it started, but I think it started a week or two ago.

I suppose first time for the classic question:

Are you running any scripts, and if yes, does the problem persist in vanilla WK? ^^

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I am not running any user scripts.

It has seemed a little slower to me, though no more than half a second or so.

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For About 3 weeks or so, on mobile site ( Android and chrome ) it lags when i answer. Laptop is ok.

Update: When I did my lessons just now, there was no lag. It seems to come and go. Perhaps it’s related to whether WK’s servers are busy or not.

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