Leech Statistics

I figure that this data is anonymous. It is from a week of metadata from usage of wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com. Enjoy!

Here’s what the spread of leeches per 10 levels is like:

and here’s the raw data:

Both the above charts are based on ~375 unique users from the last week. Leech totals in excess of 1000 are clipped from the second plot and included in the first plot.

Here’s the distributions of leech counts itself:

And the distribution of user levels:

Here’s some detail from levels 1-10:

^^ I read this and see that I have slightly more leeches than the median for my level. Level 7 looks to have a median number of leeches of about 25. I have 41.


Geeze, do people really have hundreds of leeches?


Thank you for the very detailed info! @hitechbunny This was exactly what I wanted to see. This is a good opportunity for people to compare themselves with other members. I personally think that having hundreds of leeches can be quite toxic. I suspect this is happening with people that stopped doing reviews for quite some time.

Do your reviews and use the quiz script for leeches people :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the details, very interesting, And over 2500 leeches for someone? Not bad!

Some random observations:

  • all axes should have labels
  • the distribution of user levels plot should use a bar plot or 60 levels (buckets), it’s probably showing something unexpected at the moment
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Not everyone is as good as you! :wink: pats back

These are statistics based on those who are using the leech script, so it’s possible that it’s biased towards those who need it more.

How can we find out how many leeches we have? I visited the site, but it’s only showing 1 leech for me right now.

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With the definition used in hitechbunnys script I have about 250 that qualify as leeches. Most of them are from later levels where there are fewer vocab for many kanji and the concepts become more and more abstract.

批准 - Ratify
定款 - Articles of incorporation
羅列 - Enumeration

These are the kind of items I struggle with, mostly because of problems memorizing the meaning. I’m also quite restrictive with adding synonyms, since I don’t really mind getting items wrong.

I had very few leeches up to level 30-40 or so, then they started to really increase.

What about leech percentage and leechness? Is ‘Number of Leeches’ a reliable indicator of leechness?

Perhaps it should be percentage of ‘Number of Leeches’ / ‘All learned items’.

That data looks pretty similar:


What’s the leech formula and leech cut-point, again?

It’d also be interesting to see which items are the most common leeches.

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@Kumirei how many leeches do you have according to the script?

30 or so, but I’m usually around 70

There is a minority of folks that are at high levels with low numbers of leeches:


Here’s some old information (of a smaller sample size) on that question:

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