Learning Hiragana/Katakana words

Generally speaking, just studying with WaniKani wont be enough to get you to a point where you can comfortably read native material.

Since you’re going to need to study grammar with some other source, you could pick up a textbook like Genki that also teaches some vocab.
You could also go with a free resource like Tae Kims and get a Core 2k/6k/10k deck and study those with Anki.
I’m not sure if there’s a resource that teaches only kana words (Which is kinda difficult, because some of those are sometimes also written in Kanji) if you want to avoid the overlap.

There’s alot of different ways to approach studying Japanese, what I’ve mentioned is just a tiny bit from the gigantic sea of materials. Spend some time figuring out what works best for you. Learning japanese takes a while, might as well take some time and find your way of doing it.

Usually people like sharing their opinions around here, so I’m sure you’ll get alot of (good?) advice :stuck_out_tongue:
In case you’re still not quite satisfied, there’s some old topics you could read up on. (Wasnt there also some kind of guide on the forums…? Not sure :thinking:)