Learn Classical Japanese via manga!

Anyone interested in reading this book together? Not everything in the book is manga. :slight_smile:


I am! However, what is the approximate JLPT level for it? I’m still studying for the N3 and somewhat unsure if I would be able to read it…

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Oh, that looks very interesting! I’ll keep an eye on this thread :smiley:

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There’s no real level, since it’s aimed at natives. Still, based on the sample, N1+, or N2 if you don’t really care about the 古文 part (but then using that book feels a bit like a waste :sweat_smile:) or just plan to learn a ton of new (old) vocabulary.


One possible barrier of entry is that particular text seems a little hard to get. It only has used print copies on Amazon, and the bookwalker edition is restricted for sale only in Japan. I wasn’t able to find an alternative that uses the manga angle, but it looks like this one, for example, is widespread and inviting in its own way, so that could be an option if the availability ends up being an obstacle for getting folks to buy-in.

Interestingly enough, once you buy it through a VPN, you can read it without VPN :woman_shrugging:
(or at least that’s the case with other country-restricted books on BookWalker)


Well it does say in the message:

This product is only for Japan domestic sale.
After purchase, you can download the data overseas.

After all!

I mostly just mentioned it since I’m passively interested in a “sure, if it gets going, and I have the book within reach, I do want to learn that so it might be a good excuse to pay attention” kind of way. I probably wouldn’t set up a VPN just to join.
(it is good to know that that works though)

I’m not sure. I’m at Tobira chapter 10 and AIAJ chapter 13 which is 75% of N3 and perhaps 5% of N2. But if you are at N3, for any new grammar point you can use a grammar dictionary to pick it up.

If you are going to use the VPN only once: you could just use a public (free) VPN.

There is also Tunnelbear which grants you 500 MB per month for free, which is more than plenty for this task. And the setup is basically „download it, launch it, tell it where you want to go to“.


It looks really cool! But yeah, it sounds mildly troublesome to get hold of. That aside, I bought myself a ‘Fundamentals of Classical Grammar’ (古典文法の基本, I think?) book recently, so I’ll probably try to get through that first. Do keep posting here if you decide to start it though. I’m still interested. :slight_smile:

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