Latest updates: the new card 頁 won’t accept ページ as a reading during the quiz

See here: WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021 - #973 by TofuguJenny

The reading ページ seems not to be being accepted for at least two users during the quiz for the new content. I’ve even tried copy-pasta. i’ve also tested on both iPhone (using tsurukame) and the web version.


Same for me. Came here to ask. It wouldn’t accept pe-ji-> “ぺーじ” for the normal input, so I switched to the Japanese keyboard so I could put it in katakana and it still wouldn’t take it. Not that having to switch keyboards would be great, either.

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Considering you’ve already posted about it in the Content Additions thread and TofuguJenny is clearly already aware about this, not sure what this thread is about? :eyes:

It should be working on the website now but you’ll probably have to ask Tsurukame about it if it’s not working on the app.

It’s also bugging in Jakeipuu. Could the great Fugu accept the hiragana version (as they did for America and Napoleon)?

The hiragana version was on the reading allow list, but I have a feeling Jakeipuu doesn’t pull from the allow lists, so I’ve made the reading visible. Hopefully that’ll fix it!

Lol I had the same issue. However, when I switched to Japanese keyboard it did work for me.

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