Lack of vocab for 額?

If you want to see more vocab for that kanji (and all other ones too), I recommend installing the WaniKani Vocab Beyond script (that I happen to be the author of). I can see 19 common and 81 uncommon words when I have that script installed for 額:

With the script installed, the words I can see related to the forehead and framed picture meanings of that kanji are:


額 [ひたい] /(n) forehead/brow/(P)/
大額 [おおびたい] /(n) men's hairstyle with small sideburns and a wide forehead (Edo period)/
白額 [しろびたい] /(n) (obsc) (See 星月) star (white patch on the forehead of a horse)/
剃上げ額 [すりあげびたい] /(n) high and broad forehead/
前額 [ぜんがく] /(n,adj-no) forehead/
出額 [でびたい] /(n) beetle brows/projecting forehead/
猫の額 [ねこのひたい] /(exp,n) (id) tiny area/tiny surface/cat's forehead/
広い額 [ひろいひたい] /(exp,n) high brow/broad forehead/
猫額 [びょうがく;ねこびたい] /(n) (See 猫の額) (as small as a) cat's forehead/
富士額 [ふじびたい] /(n) widow's peak/hairline that grows to a point in the middle of the forehead/
額ずく;額づく;額突く;叩頭く;額衝く [ぬかずく(額ずく,額突く,叩頭く,額衝く);ぬかづく(額づく,額突く,叩頭く,額衝く);ぬかつく(額突く,叩頭く,額衝く)(ok)] /(v5k,vi) to kowtow (to bow from a kneeling position such that the forehead touches the ground)/to prostrate oneself/to give a deep, reverent bow/

framed picture:

額 [がく] /(n,n-suf) (1) picture (framed)/(2) amount or sum (of money)/(P)/
掲額 [けいがく] /(n,vs) framed and displayed testimonial/commemorative photograph/
扁額 [へんがく] /(n) framed picture or motto (usu. horizontal, hung over gates or lintels)/
額縁(P);額ぶち [がくぶち] /(n) frame (e.g. picture frame, decorative door frame, etc.)/(P)/