Kun'yomi readings while learning Kanji's

What’s the point behind it? I started noticing this from level 5-6 and until now. At least half of the reading are kun’yomi. Pink background assumes that it should be on’yomi reading, isn’t it?. Why did WaniKani do that?

Pink will have the most common reading, not necessarily 音読み. Sometimes it will be 訓読み.
Read the FAQ etc etc.


WK just chooses whichever reading they think is more useful for the kanji lesson. The other will get taught in a vocab lesson. I don’t see why it should really matter which comes first in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes the onyomi or the kunyomi barely ever appears in common words, so in that case, you learn the useful one first.

You just said yourself that it’s often kunyomi, so I don’t know why you would make that connection.


At the beginning it usually was on’yomi. But when you’re learning vocab words you’re commonly using on’yomi readings from kanji when it’s a 2+ kanji word, except this is a single kanji. When i started failing my “blind guesses”(using 2x “pink” reading, but 1 of them was kun’yomi, so obviously it wasn’t right) i was a but confused, because at the beggining i thought that pink bg = on’yomi.

This is probably the answer i was looking for, thanks.

When you are answering a kanji’s reading you can’t get it wrong by entering the “other” reading. It will just shake and ask you again.

When you are looking at a vocab that is a single kanji, sure, often that’s the kunyomi, but that’s not a guaranteed thing either. 本 (ほん) is an onyomi reading. 一 (いち) is an onyomi reading. 天 (てん) is an onyomi reading.

Et cetera. Those are just from the first couple levels.

With vocab, you just have to remember.

Edit: Some more… 点 (てん), 円 (えん), 分 (ぶん), 文 (ぶん), 半 (はん)
Honestly thought it would be a bit harder to find single kanji vocab that use onyomi, but I’m not even fully digging through the first 10 levels, just glossing over.


I sometimes like to spell out etcetera too.

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