WaniKani reading

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I am struggling with the kanji reading reviews. Even though I am on 5 lv already, I have been struggling with that section. I mean, once you get to know Kun and On reading, how am I supposed to know which wanikani is asking for? Is there any way to find out? Usually, I am just trying to make a guess on which it should be, but I would like to know if there’s a way to know.
Thank you in advance XO

If it’s a kanji item (pink background) then the reading is the one they taught in the lesson, usually on’yomi, but sometimes kun’yomi. If you answer with the other one, then the screen will shake and give you another chance, because both readings are correct answers, but they want to make sure you answer with the one they taught.

If it’s a vocabulary item (purple background) then the reading is the one that is used when the kanji appears as a word in actual sentences. It can be either on’yomi or kun’yomi. Usually only one reading is correct. Answering with the other is wrong, and it will be marked incorrect. You just have to learn these. They represent the actual words you’ll encounter, so using a different reading could just sound like nonsense.


Great, thank you so much for taking your time to answer that. :slight_smile:


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