I think tha WaniKani should accept konnnichiwa as a reading as the “ha” is not in fact read as “HA” since it is the particle which is read as wa… Reading implies that you are asking for the way it is pronounced making “ha” incorrect!
And so frustrated when I type Day 10 as a meaning and the vocab gets sent back to apprentice…

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It’s spelled は because the etymology of the word is that it is the particle は, as in わたしは…

Depending on context は is indeed either ha or wa. Here it’s written は and sounds like wa.

You will occasionally see people spell it with わ, but it’s seen as something like “teen girl speak” because the proper spelling is は.

Also “reading” is a translation of the Japanese word 読み方, which does not relate directly to pronunciation here. It’s more like “spelling.”


Sure, let’s say that’s, but then you have to write that down to answer the question, and how do you write こんにちは? Not with わ

Add it as a synonym

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Of course, then they’ll get marked right if they type day 11, etc. Unless they have Close But No Cigar. :slight_smile:

Just did, after having it drop down to apprentice again. Oh well, I guess the double ‘o’ will be well cemented by the time I am done!

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