Kitty Detectives! Week 14 Discussion 🐱

Oh gosh, thank you again! You’re making me blush :wink:

I don’t precisely know why the γŠγ²γ‚‹γ­ is there either, but both of the β€˜sequel’ doggy detective books are also distinguished by a generic concept like γŠγ‹γ‚γ‚Š or similar. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be strongly relevant to the specific book (although γŠγ‹γ‚γ‚Š specifically is a nice little pun for the second book).


The sequels to the Minami-ke anime series are (in order) γŠγ‹γ‚γ‚Š, γŠγ‹γˆγ‚Š, εˆ₯θ…Ή, γŠεΎ…γŸγ›, γŸγ γ„γΎ and 倏休み


I have officially finished reading and understanding my first Japanese book! :tada:

I am looking forward to the next book :dog: in a week’s 2 weeks’ time, and I do believe my more-relaxed approach combined with my new method of note-taking will allow me to keep up.

Thanks very much again to all those who commented and who contributed to the vocab sheet. :smiley:


Woooo, awesome! Congratulations, Rowena :grin: :tada:

And just in time to have a nice relaxed break before we start わんわん :wink: seems like you managed to get through these last few weeks fairly swiftly!

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I was doing 2 double-page spreads per study session, twice a day - the increased speed is due in part to not trying to translate absolutely everything, but a lot is also due to being so much more familiar with verb forms and the like. It is really satisfying to be at such a point, and makes me really eagar for April 6th to get here! :grin:


I finally finished reading this book. I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the vocab sheet and with questions and answers. All of it was very helpful to me.

I really hope there will be another book (or even more) so we can get to know all these new cats!


Nice! And yeah, I really hope there’s a third kitty installment some day. If only for the symmetry :grin:

Ooh, don’t forget to update your status in the わんにゃん home thread!